Monday, 15 February 2010

What's cooking in the Kitschen?

After procrastinating for a ridiculous amount of time, I finished a custom order for an old friend. He is getting married this July, the colour scheme being purple, and wanted something personal for his outfit.  He plays guitar (maybe bass, not sure!) and so asked for some guitar plectrum cufflinks making.  We sourced some that were a little smaller than the regular cufflinks, so hopefully they'll sit nice on the sleeve!

Also, I have kinda double-booked the stock. Not by accident, I was just presented with two opportunities I couldn't miss.  At the end of the month I am selling at the University of Leeds Fair Trade Fair (as always), but also, at the Designers' Marketplace Pop-Up Shop.  More details on that another time.

So I am making lots, quickly, ready to send to Middlesbrough.  I have started to make coordinating ear-studs. What do you think? Sorry about the lame photos!

Obviously they need sanding...

Also, I have re-bought in the supplies to make some bracelets and bangles. The bracelets will be the re-launch of 'Measure of my dreams', and the bangles... well... you'll just have to wait and see.

Right, must go sand, sand, sand!



Katy Clouds said...

I love these sets, they are so cute! Do you sell anywhere other than Etsy? My computer at work won't access Etsy for some reason and my home computer is in a coma :(

btw, the security word I had to type to post this post was 'goncing' I think that is a fun word...!

Pippa said...

Plectrum cufflinks?! AWESOME!

Jonny said...

The cufflinks look fantastic! Thank you so much for making them, they are exactly what I wanted - you rule, as always :)

Marthaamay O_o said...

The sets are a great idea, I couldn't wear them with my ears though, but I would if I could!

The plectrum cuff links are a great idea! The blue colour is great.