Monday, 16 July 2012

New collection: Sugary Skullduggery

sug·ar·y : adj: Excessively or cloyingly sweet
skull·dug·ger·y : n. pl. : Crafty deception or trickery

And this just wouldn't be a Kitschen Sink 2012 blog without a mention of a certain Mr Russell Kane now, would it? Here he is sporting his Skullduggery pin

Hope you love!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

Look what I picked up from my postie!

A divine handbag from Love From Hetty and Dave!

It also came with a very lovely handmade R brooch! Bonus!

Have a look at Love From Hetty and Dave


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

Monday, 9 July 2012

What's in a name? Custom name necklaces now available!

I've been beavering away for weeks, but I am pleased to announce that personalised name necklaces are here, loud and proud!

If you are fans of me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter on Instagram, you'll already know about the custom cut name necklace and how they are selling like hot cakes!

How to order:

1) Email me ( with the following info:
✔ your choice of word/ name/ nickname/ roller derby name/ burlesque name etc
✔ your choice of colour for writing and outline:

Black and white £19 
If you wish to include red, orange, yellow, green, blue or pink  £21
If you want to include gold sparkle  £23 

✔ please don’t make an order unless you intend to pay :) if you’re thinking about ordering in the future, please wait and order when you’re ready.
2) I will send you a proof of the design, confirmation of the date of cutting and a Paypal email so you can pay. If you order within 10 days of the cutting date you will be sent a Paypal instruction for the full amount.  If you are ordering ahead, you need only pay 50% until the necklace is ready to post.

✔ payment must be made to confirm your order - no payment, no cutting, no necklace!
✔ your order will be posted to the address on your Paypal account - make sure it’s up to date!
✔ you don’t need a Paypal account to pay - just a debit or credit card. Follow the instructions in the email.
✔ if you paid a 50% deposit you will be reminded to pay the balance before it is posted out.

3) Your super necklace will be on its way in a jiffy - with a free surprise too!

Got questions? Email me! 


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...