Friday, 29 August 2008

Quick update

This week has flown! I have spent most of it preparing items and other bits and pieces for the stall on Friday next week. Some of the time I have visited friends and so forth. It's been nice. I have some more time off in another week! Wow, I'd love to work from home!

My fingers are killing. I am hand sewing these purses at the minute, please buy one, then I can buy a sewing machine! They are made from actual comics so each one is different, the paper is toughened and coated in vinyl so it's moisture-proof. They have a contrasting felt lining and the zip is a 5" if that gives some perspective in terms of size.

Any comments please do!


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Got the whole world in her handbag

Firstly just want to tell you what gets my goat lately. I'm using etsy, it's like, the coolest place I ever came across (ok I need to get out more maybe), and I was so excited about opening the shop. I ask people want they think. After the 'nice work...' etc, I get 'Why is it all in dollars'. I just thought thesedays people would be used to shopping on ebay and whatnot. Clearly not, and I am finding it somewhat concerning. So here's to hoping Etsy sort it soon, they have a large Australian and UKan customer base so there is no reason not to.

Anyway. I had my craft on this week and have put these lovely together for the Staff Festival (that's 8000 staff, people!)

Firstly, Lego bits which always sell well. The cufflinks sell well at work particularly. I think men want to jazz up their very boring suits.

Number two is the sickliest sweet earrings. I love those ear hoops, they're a personal favourite.

Three is the cutest measuring tape bracelets. Cute eh?

And finally, the piece de resistance, the all new comic purse. It looks loads better and what's more, it has withstood being carried around in my enormous handbag, contents of which is everything but the KitschenSink. Sorry. On that note... it is... all hand sewn btw. Sorry it's on a black background...

ttfn <3>

Monday, 18 August 2008

I am sew ready for my annual leave

I haven't taken much this year as I'm not going anywhere (credit crunching) and I have to take it before October. Now I'm on burnt out. Sore mouth, twitchy eye. Fortunately no spots yet but I guess it's just a matter of time... fingers crossed though.

I'm taking next week off work and going to London (not to buy a HEAT magazine) for fun times over bank holiday. We haven't made any plans as yet, and me and my pal are into quite different things... I saw quite a neat idea at DIY City Blog... if our Nats has no plans I may take her on the full walk but if not, perhaps just skip to the OXO bit or something.

FLASHBACK - OXO was the first word I ever learnt to spell and my Dad's best friend pretended he was writing a shopping list and forgot how to spell it.

I think I might do a free trial of LoveFilm or something over that week and watch as I make, sew, stick....

Final note... a craft I wasn't too fussed about till I saw these beauties... cross stitch

Check out the rest of the homeware gorgeousness here

Bbfn o_O

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Quit the day job?? I wish...

To quote the most intelligent and inspiring fictional character of all time, Mr Willy Wonka: 'We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream'. Of course someone else said it before him but who cares?

No, I love my job in the sense that the money is fair, good even (although we'll always want more), the place is great, and everyone is really professional and nice. No complaints in that respect.

I just got addicted to these blogs about people who did a 9 to 5 then left them to work from home making stuff. Wiggity wack - sounds like, totally awesome! Etsy have strand called 'Quit your day job', and Indie Quarter have a section titled 'A day in the life of...'. I find the idea of working in my pyjamas quite exhilerating, and meeting friends for a coffee mid-morning a far-off fantasy. All my friends who work from home actually WORK as far as I am aware. Although I could probably persuade Jen to meet me for chinese food for lunch.

Quick touch down: here is a fruit of labour that is starting to come together. I tried out mixing acrylic with resin to colour it. It's not a bad effort. This is also what is setting on my window bottom. Layer number one. After Team Tea and Biscuit I'll add a coloured layer and upload tomorrow the outcome if I get chance.

Peace out x (This is purely silliness I don't actually say this in real life. Unless I am attempting to make someone laugh).

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Holidays are coming... Holidays are coming...

Although, I should point out that I stopped drinking Coca-Cola and it's other brand products some time ago.

Just noting that I am trying to plan for the Christmas (and other holidays, I won't get personal on this...) rush. You know about my plans for CND Fair Nov 15th, Victoria Hall Saltaire... I am also seriously considering a stall at Leeds Artsmix... I have one in September too. Possibly even one in York. We'll see. I'll go anywhere to be honest.

It's not just about getting the products ready, although that is obviously a massive part. I need to get everything else ready in time to in order to generate some repeat custom. I never realised how much work this entailed, although it is exciting.

I need to make up some funky branded packaging for use at the stalls. On top of this, I need to come up with funky branded mailers and thank you notes. Funky branded business cards. Funky branded cards for folks to fill in for mailing lists. Some signage.

Also I need to sort out my etsy shop some more. I got the descriptions about right now I think, it's the photography I need to work on. I never realised this is part of the branding process too... I have a few ideas and I'll probably have a play around this evening after I have washed my hair.

I can't tell you what I love at the moment becuase I have been too busy to think about that.

I'm going to try out some Etsy Mini now - watch this space (the space to the right, if you see my items, I did it!)

Until tomorrow. Or another day. Au revoir x

Friday, 8 August 2008

Goals and joys, home & away

Lucky you - I'm trying to keep my posts short and sweet.

My ultimate aim is to own a craft shop - as in what sells materials and so forth, but marketed to a funky indie crowd rather than those who knit teacosies (without irony) or make train models. Ideally, it would have a tea room area where I'd sell cup cakes with multi coloured sprinkles. I'd also like it to have some gallery/selling space for works made from supplies I sold, and some room for workshops. I'd have coffee morning and knit with the grannies.

Anyway recently I got taken to The Bowery in Headingley, Leeds. It's nice to see this is already going on, and fairly locally too. It doesn't sell crafting supplies but it does showcase some excellent local talent. I saw some gorgeous silver jewellery by Laura Creer I will purchase when I have some dollar, which will probably be in about 4 years time! I have hearted her in my etsy for the time being.

The Make Lounge in London also looks really cool, it's a bit far for me I think! Maybe when I visit Kate P when she comes home we'll take a trip there.

Today I am well chuffed because I am hearted as a seller and by items! Yay!

Bye :)

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Stuff's working!!

The internet is working, resin is setting, and Etsy Shop a-listing.

I worked out how to open my windows right up so I am even working in a well ventilated area!

Rock on!