Monday, 27 June 2011

But what about the jewellery?

I know! It's been ages!

I'm in the process of getting my Autumn/Winter collection ready and getting legal advice on copyright as there's been a few 'issues' lately.

I just signed up to sell at a teeny weeny festival to dip my toe in the water. That's at the end of July. I'll let you know how it goes!

Oh AND I just signed up to a SLR photography course so I can blog with pictures a little better!


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Recommended reading #1: The Power of Nice

It's called The Power of Nice and it's all about how being nice in business gets your further than being an arse hole.  I got this book with The Power of Small in a buy one, get one half price offer.

I started to read this before I got on the plane to Austin. Would you Adam and Eve this story: I sat in my seat I had pre-booked by the window (nice place to rest your head).  The guy next to me was very agitated. He had a brief exchange of words with the guy next to him (by the aisle).  He then asked the flight attendant if he could switch seats to business class. She said it'd be $1000.  He wasn't happy. He then turned to me, and explained his wife was about 20 rows in front with their new baby, and he was worried as they had never travelled with the baby before. He asked me to switch seats with her.  I deliberated.  She was sitting in a middle seat - the most uncomfortable! What the heck. I'd like to think someone would let me sit next to my husband if I had one, and besides, I could sleep on a washing line...

I sat down for about 10 minutes and the flight attendant returned. 'Ma'am. We really appreciate you giving up your seat for the family.  We're going to move you up front'.

Who ever said nice girls finish last? Not this case, I finished first (class)...


Saturday, 25 June 2011

A single girl's evening with a single girl's book...

I popped into Bird's Yard on one of my non-working days last week - and stopped for a chat with a fellow shop-runner, Chloe.  She said 'I left you a book upstairs - please don't be offended'...

It's called 'Single - The Pleasures of Living Solo' and it's totally awesome.  Since no handsome/rich men have invited me on a date this evening... I'll be flicking through this and drooling.  Colour, colour, colour. Inspiring.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

KitschenSink Tip: Rinse Business Link, and fast!

If you didn't know already, Business Link go down the toilet on November 25th this year.

I'm really disappointed, they have given me great support over the last few years, for KitschenSink and more recently, Indie Cindy.  Cheers to the coalition government!

Use them whilst you can, they hold free seminars on various areas of business that have been invaluable to me (especially the Intellectual Property seminar I went to this morning!).


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My brief interruption in service: Austin, TEXAS!

Sorry for the brief interruption in services - I went to Austin in Texas to visit ma cherie Kate (see previous escapades here).  I didn;t say before I went, because I didn't want my home to get tracked down and robbed (not that there's anything to take, nor could it get any more untidy!).

Here's my fortnight in photos:

♥ Making friends:
Sixth Street

Austin Museum of the Weird

♥ Live Music:

KP and the Boom Boom

Party in the Park

Noa Lynne

P Terry's: fresh, organic and whatnot

Pancakes, ham and syrup!

Barbeque ribs picnic!


Capitol Building

Other fun stuff:

 Retro bar arcade!


Party timez

I've fallen in love withe the place and the people, Kate is very happy there, and I hope to go back and visit as soon as I can!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

You wanted a video...

A while ago I did a video of a regional dialect meme and got many requests to do another video.  Well, those wonderful Hebe Media people interviewed me as part of the Leeds in Barcelona project. 

to watch it and leave a comment to support independent businesses,  creativity, and Leeds as a city :)