Monday, 31 August 2009

What's cooking in the Kitschen? 31 August 2009

Well... considering I am hiding my bad-face self away for the Bank Holiday Weekend, I have plenty of time to make, Make, MAKE ahead of Saltaire Arts Trail (12th/13th September, Victoria Hall, Saltaire) and Designers' Marketplace (3rd October, The Loft Leeds).

Amongst the old favourites, I have been working on some new bits!  A few people have asked me to make ToOtH RoT earrings to match the rings... so here we go...

Dangly hoops

Studs - these domes are smaller than the ring domes, but still big enough to pack an awesome punch!
Not currently available on the website... you'll have to come along to one of my upcoming fairs... or just wait!! THere's also some very cool star shaped sprinkles and heart shaped sprinkles, and 100s & 1000s in spooky halloween colours (black, purple and green mix). They just don't seem to like having their photo taken!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bank holiday Sunday sad-face :(

I had a cyst removed from my chin on Thursday. I was expecting a quick, simple process where by I'd be left with a couple of stitches for a few days.

Instead, the process felt as though it lasted hours, when I had the local anaesthetic it felt as though he was tearing my face apart, and I have to wear some massive steri-strips for 5 days and I'm not allowed to shower or wash my hair myself over that time either :(

So, it's now Sunday, the steri-strips are hanging off my face but I can't do anything with them, and my chin feels like it's ripping when I laugh.  I'm not happy but I hope the end result is worth it!


Monday, 24 August 2009

Saltaire Arts Trail/Makers' Fair... excitement is building!!

I am still making lots of little preparations towards Saltaire Makers' Fair.  I am as worried about the stall set-up as I am about having enough goods!! It's my first two-day fair... I must take a packed lunch, always my downfall.

Anyhoo... here's my Arts Trail webpage

Oh and in case I didn't say already - Saltaire Arts Trail is a supercool day out, you really should come along (the village is a World Heritage Site, so plenty of other things to do too!).


Friday, 21 August 2009

I'm back!!

After a week away in the sun, filled with Turkish baths, sunbathing, cocktails, and a general carefree lifestyle... I'm back and the DaWanda and Folksy stores have re-opened!

It's been very difficult getting back into life at home... but I'm pleased my creative side has got right back into the swing, and I am currently working on some compact mirrors that I think you're going to LOVE!

Have you missed me?  xoxo

Thursday, 6 August 2009

A lovely surprise

As you may well know, I have been accepted to sell/exhibit at Saltaire Makers' Fair this year, as part of Saltaire Arts Trail/Saltaire Inspired. I am soooo excited about it!  I have been waiting for my artists page on the website to be constructed, watch this space, I'll link to it when it's ready!

Here's what I came home to in the post after a shitty day:

Lovely, lovely comps slip
The programme...
Inside the programme...
Gasp... they used a photo of my locket...!
Saltaire Arts Trail runs from the 12th to 20th September and features Open Houses (go for a nosey!) , exhibitions, vintage fairs, workshops and all sorts of other things. The Makers' Fair takes place on 12/13th September in Victoria Hall.
It's a fantastic weekend/day out, so do try come along and say hi!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Call for "link" exchanges

My website and graphic designer Paul thought it would be a great idea to get some hyperlink exchanges going on from the KitschenSink website.

I'm looking for people/organisations offering a funky product or service that I will link to from and in return, their website will link to me.

All I really ask is that the websites have good quality design and that the product doesn't overlap KitschenSink's.  I'm going to limit how many link to jewellery sellers, so please don't be disappointed if I can't accept all enquiries.  It's a mutual benefit after all, so I'll be missing out too.

If you are interested, please email Rowan