Friday, 16 November 2012

Kitschen Sink Christmas Tour

If you'd like to check out the goods before you buy - here's where I will be on the lead up to Christmas...


Saturday 17 November: Albion Place Market, Leeds (between WH Smith and Urban Outfitters)

Tuesday 20th November: Leeds University Fair Trade and Craft Fair, Parkinson Building

Saturday 24th November: Albion Place Market, Leeds (between WH Smith and Urban Outfitters)


Saturday 1st December: Reetsweet's Christmas Fair, Corn Exchange, Leeds

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th December: Leeds University Union Christmas Fair - Student Union Foyer, Leeds

Saturday 8th December: Albion Place Market, Leeds (between WH Smith and Urban Outfitters)

Sunday 9th December: TBC

Saturday 15th December: Albion Place Market, Leeds (between WH Smith and Urban Outfitters)

Sunday 16th December: Bust Christmas Craftacular, York Hall, Bethnal Green

Saturday 22nd December: Albion Place Market, Leeds (between WH Smith and Urban Outfitters)

Sunday 23rd December: TBC


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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

FAQs: 7 Tips for Outdoor Craft Fair Survival (Winter edition)

Craft fairs, markets and shopping events are a great way of promoting your brand on a budget, getting feedback from your customers and, of course, selling your product face to face.  But outdoor markets and fairs bring their own challenges - some you might not even think of before the event.  Here's my seven top tips for getting to the end of the day without a drama or frost bite:

Acrylic cardigan, pegged down products and cling-filmed pitch sides are just a few of my Winter market survival tips

♥ Wear wool not cotton, and layer up
This goes for socks, hats, scarves and your cardigan. It's going to be cold, and cotton keeps you cool, so make sure your knitwear is either wool or acrylic. Even if it looks thickly knit, cotton won't keep you warm when the temperatures plummet!

♥ Take your door mat
Yeah, you heard right. A scrap of carpet to stand on will help to keep your feet warmer behind your pitch!

♥ Get a money belt
The outdoor market I sell at is in Leeds City Centre on a busy shopping street where shoppers have access behind the pitches.  Don't leave a cash tin unattended, get yourself a money belt that constantly strapped to you.

♥ Bring a big Thermos flask
I just upgraded from 0.5l to a full litre. I'm a tea fiend anyway but hot drinks will help keep you warm and satisfied.  Buying lots of coffee from the shops adds up.

♥ Get some battery operated lights
It's starts falling dark shortly after 3pm now.  I am the envy of the market traders with my rechargable LED bar lights from Clas Olsen.  You saw them here first...

♥ Build a den with cling film
Don't forget if you have a metal frame pitch to take some cling film to wrap around the sides to create a wind and rain break.

♥ ...then pin or peg stuff down
Even when the wides of your pitch has been wrapped up wind might still take off your lighter things! I use pins to hold things down, and something tie elastic to my table then use clothes pegs to hold them.  To stop your table cloth taking off, get some of these super strong spring clamps.

♥ Bring as much stock as you can manage
Keep surplus stock under your table.  Certainly at the city centre you go through lots, so keep topping up your display as you sell.

So there's 7 tips for winter fair survival - let me know how it goes!


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Friday, 2 November 2012

That was October...

Apologies for the prolonged leave of absence! I've been up to all sorts - this was October:

I kicked off the month with a photo shoot with Leeds Roller Dolls to promote our new collaboration. See the full set!

One of my customers wore her name necklace on the local news - here is Lizzie promoting her underwater exhibition. Her necklace says 'Lawless'. You can buy your own in the online shop - they make great Christmas gifts!

I found out I was accepted to sell at BUST London Craftacular on 16th December at York Hall in Bethnal Green. It's freakin awesome and the hippest craft fair that exisits in the actual world, so you should come along if you can make it.

I took part in Leeds Digital Fashion Week by writing a few blog posts: read a post about me by Hebe writer Stacey.

I spent three days in Edinburgh for my best pal's hen weekend. My vintage dress went down a real treat!

I visited Amsterdam for a weekend - it's a beautiful city. We went to a huge flea market then realised we had no cash, so sadly I couldn't buy these lovely dolls!

I went for a delicious burger at Brooklyn bar in Leeds - including several cocktails! Also a delicious Persian kebab and ordered far too much food!

We launched the Leeds Roller Dolls collaborative collection, and I also had a stall at their last home bout of the season.

I saw my favourite band live, Everything Everything. They were awesome, you can watch their latest video here.


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Monday, 16 July 2012

New collection: Sugary Skullduggery

sug·ar·y : adj: Excessively or cloyingly sweet
skull·dug·ger·y : n. pl. : Crafty deception or trickery

And this just wouldn't be a Kitschen Sink 2012 blog without a mention of a certain Mr Russell Kane now, would it? Here he is sporting his Skullduggery pin

Hope you love!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

Look what I picked up from my postie!

A divine handbag from Love From Hetty and Dave!

It also came with a very lovely handmade R brooch! Bonus!

Have a look at Love From Hetty and Dave


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Monday, 9 July 2012

What's in a name? Custom name necklaces now available!

I've been beavering away for weeks, but I am pleased to announce that personalised name necklaces are here, loud and proud!

If you are fans of me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter on Instagram, you'll already know about the custom cut name necklace and how they are selling like hot cakes!

How to order:

1) Email me ( with the following info:
✔ your choice of word/ name/ nickname/ roller derby name/ burlesque name etc
✔ your choice of colour for writing and outline:

Black and white £19 
If you wish to include red, orange, yellow, green, blue or pink  £21
If you want to include gold sparkle  £23 

✔ please don’t make an order unless you intend to pay :) if you’re thinking about ordering in the future, please wait and order when you’re ready.
2) I will send you a proof of the design, confirmation of the date of cutting and a Paypal email so you can pay. If you order within 10 days of the cutting date you will be sent a Paypal instruction for the full amount.  If you are ordering ahead, you need only pay 50% until the necklace is ready to post.

✔ payment must be made to confirm your order - no payment, no cutting, no necklace!
✔ your order will be posted to the address on your Paypal account - make sure it’s up to date!
✔ you don’t need a Paypal account to pay - just a debit or credit card. Follow the instructions in the email.
✔ if you paid a 50% deposit you will be reminded to pay the balance before it is posted out.

3) Your super necklace will be on its way in a jiffy - with a free surprise too!

Got questions? Email me! 


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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A double Kitschen Sink TV appearance as Britain Unzipped trends worldwide!

Kitschen Sink made a double appearance last night on the last episode in the series of Britain Unzipped!

During the main part of the show, Russell wore his Kitschen Sink Love Lego ring in red.

In the VT he was wearing the classic Kitschen Sink skull mini-pin - from the brand new collection!

And best of all - Britain Unzipped was trending worldwide by the end of the show. Awesome and deserved!

Roll on Live at the Electric!


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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hey, Russell, can I get a RT?

So me and my adventure-homie Andrew just went to a book signing by Russell Kane.  If you didn't already know, Russell has been rocking his POW pin on all the TV shows.  Graham Norton Christmas Special, Georgie Shore and Britain Unzipped, to mention a few.

Russell gave a talk on the book (it's not an auto-biography, it's a novel) and answered questions. Ooh he is a funny lad!!  Then he signed all the books and had a quick chat.  As a thank you for giving the POW some love, I know Russell loves a curry, so I gave him a jar of Aagrah sauce. I deliberated of Achari and Hydrabadi - I should have got both but I was playing it cool... so I went for Achari as it seemed like a hotter choice? Hmm.

Anyway he was very pleased (not that you'd tell from the photo...) and he totes loved the jewelz.  And I got a retweet!


P.S the shop is shut for a few days whilst I jet off somewhere cool (but warm, hopefully). In a bit!


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Friday, 27 April 2012

Kitschen Sink on... Britain Unzipped with Russell Kane

That's right, the Pow mini-pin has made another TV appearance, this time on the new TV show Britain Unzipped, presented by Russell Kane.

I heart Russell and Russell hearts Kitschen Sink, but will Russell heart Rowan when she meets him next month? Eek!

I'm so pleased he loves his pin so much!


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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

That was March...

I tried to take it easy this month...

I restored an old picture frame

I debuted in Sheffield, at the Reetsweet shopping event at the Millennium Gallery. I loved it there and need to go back for a proper look around soon.

An article I wrote was published in a local magazine, Brand Yorkshire

I had my first solo go on a laser cutter - the motherfrickinlaser at Duke Studios in Leeds - a very cool place to work

I launched my Lovely Jubilee collection

My Measuring Tape Bracelet design appeared on t'telly!

Russell Kane wore his POW! pin on a super snappy suit whilst presenting Geordie Shore (love ya, Russell!)

I sold at an International Women's Day event at the Queen's Hotel in Leeds, which was fun!

I bought a gorgeous new one-piece swimsuit that I am yet to debut!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

Awesome London!

On Friday I made my way to London Town - it's only 2h15m to get a direct train from Leeds to London, it's a totally underrated trip.  The trip was for business and pleasure: Saturday for selling, Sunday Funday at Lady Fest East!
Gold London Jubilee Bus at London Pride Design Festival


 'The Queen's Beasts'

Me and the stall - I felt disgusting and I'm not looking much better here. My stall however, does!


Sunday: Lady Fest East London! What a lotta fun!


Samantha had booked a 'lady gardner'. I expected an older Charlie Dimmock type, but Helen turned up all fresh and young and with a decorative basket of plants. She's written a book, which I bought.


Helen's promotional things.


The planting workshop was very popular. I am very proud of Samantha, she did a microphone announcement and everything. I don't think I could do that!


Time for home - quick tea in Leon! Fresh fast food!

More fun London times soon, I hope!


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Thursday, 29 March 2012

POW! On Russell Kane on Geordie Shore

I just can't get enough of Russell Kane, and seemingly he can;t get enough of his Kitschen Sink POW! Pin. 

We last saw Russell wearing his Pow! pin in December when he tweeted a picture of himself having a cuddle with his new Pug Captain Colin, then on his spot on the Graham Norton Christmas Special.  But last night he presented the whole Geordie Shore Reunion show on MTV wearing his Pow! Pin on his snappy suit. Holla!

Holla! Love ya Russell!


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Friday, 23 March 2012

As seen on TV! Tape measure bracelet on 'Baking Mad'

Yes! I've just been catching up on Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard which is a daytime TV show on Channel 4 (I've been watching it on 4OD) - spotting that the lovely Zoe Biscombe who runs the awesome Iron Cupcake contest in Leeds was a contestant.  She's sporting none other than a Kitschen Sink Measure Of My Dreams bracelet!

Zoe and fellow contestant working against the clock...

Measuring ingredients...

Filling the profiterole...

And her winning masterpiece - a choux pastry "religious"....

Yum! Feeling a bit peckish now....!

Well done, Zoe!

Read more about Iron Cupcake or follow Zoe on Twitter!

Buy a tape measure bracelet.


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Monday, 19 March 2012

NEW COLLECTION: Lovely Jubilee!

To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year, I have designed three limited edition pieces available as brooches and necklaces, inspired by her ladiship's blingin' crown jewels.  Perfect for kitsch queens, proud to be British princesses and design-loving duchesses! Some gold sparkle, some jewelly translucent royal blue lucite and regal red - who would want the Queen's crown jewels?!

Those who hold the Kitschen Sink Orb hold the honorary title "Defender of Kitsch"!

 Become a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Kitschen Sink Empire!!

 Crown yourself "Queen of Kitsch" this Diamond Jubilee 2012!

Rumour has it that the queens have been after something more fun for a while...

If you don't understand my play on words 'Lovely Jubilee', watch this short video :)

These designs are super limited edition - snap one up now!


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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Playing with the #motherfrickinlaser at Duke Studios, Leeds

Good evening! I just got back from lasering fun at Duke Studios in Leeds.

Bzzzz (yes, a sneak peek!)

After an hour and half or so of practice, I think I understand how to work it! By the last half hour I was zipping about preparing files before the laser had even finished cutting its current job.

The #motherfrickinlaser at Duke Studios

 What a magnificent piece of kit! If I had one of my own I'd be cutting out new designs every five minutes, I'd be the market leader in amazing designs in no time!

Still have a load of designs to finish so I'll be back again soon - can't wait!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...