Friday, 28 November 2008

Folksy Finds Friday - Funkyshapes

My new weekly feature is Folksy Finds Friday (are you getting sick of my alliteration?). I'm all about the UK when it comes to crafting, I don't think we get enough publicity, certainly compared to the US. Folksy is all about the UK and I want to showcase our talent.

First up is Funkyshapes. I have just bought a Christmas gift for my friends' baby from Funkyshapes (none of these here though... I'm keeping it a surprise but they are GORGEOUS!!) I can't wait to receive them!!

Funkyshapes is a Chillean mum living on the Isle of White in England. She makes and designs with her Mother-in-Law. How lucky they have something in common!

They are perfect baby wear because they have no internal seams to rub against baby's feet. Plus, they are all 100% hand stitched and unique.

Best of all, they are made wtith love for funky, happy people! I think Little G gonna love her booties!


Thursday, 27 November 2008

So much time and so little to do! Strike that - reverse it! - #2!

Never was a truer word spoken than that of Mr Willy Wonka.

I feel like ~38% of my posts are me saying - I have been doing stuff but I have been soooo busy.

Well... how about this for a creative kick up the be-hind. Another shop has been in touch to request I sell my work there. Yay!! I have asked for their terms, so, as always, so as not to jinx I'll not be saying where until the goods are in place. I am VERY excited about it though.

I'm hoping to take photo's of my recent work at the weekend (when I see daylight) and get it listed!

I don't know about you, but I have only bought one Christmas present so far. Some people ask if I make gifts. I don't, I feel like it would be presumptuous to think a person would want to wear my work (very modest). I think when a person pays it's because they are aware of it's uniquity, perhaps the time spent on making it, and therefore my hard work is worthwhile. I won't give things away that won't be worn, it's a waste of my time, which I think is much worse than a waste of my money -so I buy gifts.

I sometimes make cards for birthdays but never for Christmas. People get a lot of cards for Christmas, and they generally end up recycled or in the bin. So I make cards to sell, but not to give away. Blimey, I'm an absolute capitalist aren't I!

How much of your Christmas (or any other festival you might celebrate - I celebrate Christmas THE END) have you got done? Will you make any gifts or cards?


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I heart - Laura Groves

I love things cute and pretty and her music is all that. So is she actually. Watch this, if you love things pretty and sweet, you'll love the video as well as the music.

Did you spot the references to my home town there?

Did you like it? A friend of mine is recoding her album and it will be ready very soon! I'll be making a purchase for sure. If you can't wait that long... iTunes her!


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wicked Wednesdays - Tattoos

So, a second part to my new structurified blog!

(Most) Wednesdays will be devoted to stuff I love.


I had one done when I was 18, for my birthday, paid for by friends. I went in wanting a creepy lizard, I came out with a butterfly. Half way through I fainted and was really rather pissed off that the man with the needle brought me round with some sort of chemical. This story should not be misunderstood - he did not decide to change the design while I was unconscious.

I want it extending but was never sure how to do it, considering I didn't want any more butterflies. Then I saw this beauty
You can see more photos from different angles on her myspace page. She also makes the cutest food themed crocheted items and sells online - Twinkie Chan. My favourite:

I think I want to be her a little bit. No I didn't send a link to my hairdresser to her myspace. I didn't!

Yeah I did. So I'm basically feeling a bit of a unicorn/rainbow/stars thing that incorporates my butterfly.

Have you got a tattoo? What have you got or what would you like?


Thursday, 13 November 2008

New colour scheme - by popular demand!

You may notice the blog has a new look!

A couple of people said the white against black hurth their eyes - I just used a Blogger generic one and didn't realise there was the option of going in and playing with colours - what do you think? I should probably do some branding exercise where I pick certain colours to use on everything I do - web pages, packaging, signage...

But I like to mix things up every 2 days so it's not worth it. And mix-up is what KistchenSink's all about!

So go on.... how's this?


Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I arrived at Mum and Dad's at 8.30am today, armed with 3 cork notice boards, small hinges and some screws. Ten minutes later and Dad's rocked up a zig-zaggedy showy thing for my stall on Saturday. Rockin, Dad! I am going to paint it black, just as soon as I get my hands on some paint (scoured Shipley today, but none to be found).

Then we set off to... Silsden!! The quaint little village where the shop requested to sell my work?... Read on...

OK so not a 'shop' per se, it's a gallery (swanky, yeah?), and it's called Projeto. It covers a multitude - Paula, the owner, offers a web design service. The gallery also houses photographic prints and sells handmade jewellery. Paula also intends to sell some craft supplies... and is thinking of offering craft classes. It's all really exciting... and I hope my jewellery sells well there. Here are some photos to wet your whistle...

Paula has now put a jewellery display in the window - where mine will be!

I'm excited about this - hoping to get some of the resin and other bits in there soon, if there's space... they're looking pretty good! I'll have to rethink my packaging a bit, I reckon, some gorgeous stuff in there that puts mine to shame! My recycled efforts keeps my costs down though!

Also... if you are on Facebook - be my fan!

Hearts xoxox

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Four more sleeps to Christmas Craft Fair No.1!

And preparations are well under way! I have taken a week annual leave this week to get sorted:

Some generic items (of course made with love, but easier to repeat) are the good ol' button jewelleries:

The flower earrings I blogged about a few weeks ago:

And the much loved 100s & 1000s jewellery:

I have used recycled mail-outs for the majority of the packaging, that always goes down well and saves me a few bob too!

I also got some super news from work (fact bit: I work in a very big university, it employs around 8000 staff and I'm not sure how many students it has but I expect it's lots! We don't have a staff room, no, we have a staff centre building. It has an eating area, hot food, a licensed bar, and then upstairs there are rooms for various classes, groups (book group etc) and so forth. It's proper good and ting)

they hold a few craft fairs throughout the year in the staff centre, but are hoping this year to hold a Christmas one in the main university entrance building... which is awesome as there will be much more traffic. PLUS - they have asked me to help out - which is great! I am always up for that!

Here are a couple of treats I made this week with resin - I have more ideas up my sleeve so can't sit here blogging forever (sorry and all that)

What do you reckon?
My other plans for the week are to go to the dentist, go to the gallery who have kindly asked to sell my work (yippeeee), see a couple of ex-colleagues to catch up on the goss, and do a bit of networking/publicising. Something that happened this week has given me a right kick up the behind to pull my finger out and get my name known!
Ooh and prepare my stall ideas - I have just bought 3 notice boards and hinges - guess what I'm making...?
Hearts xoxox

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Celebratory note

I just wanted to say - I hope you all enjoyed Bonfire Night...

Did you get up to any mischief last night?? I just went to sewing class, fortunately there was no treacle on my door handle when I got home!

Hearts xoxox

Sunday, 2 November 2008

My October - Re-cap & Round-up & Thank-yous

I did say there would be soon more structure to my blog! I’ll do it gradually, don’t want to bite off more than I can chew!

Following in the footsteps of Tizzalicious I will round up the last month… and inspired by Ismoyo I will thank all that commented on the blog… we’ll it’s just courteous! I'll do this each month...

Super social events over October:
1. Georgia’s head wetting (Pubs)
2. ‘From Bond to Broadway’ (theatre/show)
3. The Courteeners (Live music/gig)
4. The Mystery Jets/The Golden Silvers (Live music/gig)
5. Angels & Demons Halloween party (Party)
6. Gavin’s Freaky 40th Fancy Dress party (Party)

Movies I watched:
1. Babe: Pig in the City (I love this soooo much)
2. Sex and the City (missed this at the movies with the girls cos I was on a date! True SATC style!)
3. 13 Going on 30 (love seeing her office filled with kawaii stationery, I’m heading that way myself!)
4. Bring it on (it was on TV)
5. Dirty Dancing (I carried a watermelon?!)

Rock ‘n’ roll moment: My friend re-appearing after 15 minutes of losing him, very sweaty, after crowd surfing
Flattering moment: Being refused alcohol at the bar for looking under-age
Embarrassing moment: My strapless dress falling down as I cut up the rug to old-skool hip hop in a packed out club
Exciting moment: Being asked to sell my work in a proper bricks and mortar shop!
Most used phrase: What do you want for tea? I want crisps (from Kaiser Chief's 'Never miss a beat')
Most time consuming task: preparing for up-and-coming craft fair: Bradford Peace and Craft Fair, 15th November, Victoria Hall, Saltaire.

I joined Twitter (very addictive) and Flickr (still not got my head around it)

Big thanks to my lovely commenters, you keep me going :D :
Anonymous (Natalie!)
Anonymous (tbf)
Katy (please get back in touch re your request!)
Anonymous (Kate! Getting good at working out who you are!)
Thanks my lovelies!
In a bit x0x0x