Friday, 26 June 2009

Folksy Finds Friday - Ali Bali Jewellery

Ali Bali makes gorgeous jewellery with a variety of materials, predominantly sterling silver, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls.  I came across her work as I was looking for a personalised silver gift.  I'm not usually one for precious jewellery, but I like Ali Bali is pretty but funky too.

Circles Cut Out Silver Ring

 Circles Cut Out Teardrop Silver

Crumpled Silver Ring

Have a fab weekend


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Why the stress... I have an awesome dress!

I have had a stress on for the past week or so.  This boils down to a number of things: hormones, pile of work to do, saving for summer holidays... blah blah.

Anyway. It was my birthday last week.... yipeee! I received lots of cool treats, including pampering gorgeousness of brightly coloured make-up from Julia and Natalie, and Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner; a bottle of vodka; lots of books, including Wreck this Journal and the Girl's Doodle Book.

Do you remember me blogging about the dress I bought from DollyDagger? Well, it workedout a real treat. I even got papped! Here I'm also wearing the lipgloss Julia gave me, a winning combination! You know a true friend when they can buy you make-up that looks great, evenwhen you have awkward skin tones and a hair colour owned by less than 3% of the population...

We had a sing-song on the karaoke, before a good catch-up over drinks with lots of close friends. I met some really great new people, spirits were high, and I think a great time was had by all... I think this dress might be my lucky dress? Or was it the lip gloss?

So less of the stress, eh? Life's too short....

Oh, and, I was worried (not sure why) about my orders to DaWanda buyers... I just got my first rating of 5 stars followed by a request from the buyer for a custom order. Ahhhh and relax....

Do you have a lucky item of clothing or accessory?

Friday, 19 June 2009

Folksy Finds Friday - Lynn Fraser

Noticed the artwork of Lynn Fraser.  To me, it looks to be inspired by the rock scene, which is very cool. I like to see work that's modern but uses traditional methods.  Here's my favourites (sooo tough picking just three!):

Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas of Faina

  When birds fly the nest,Print from an Original Ilustration

 Llily in Leopard skin hat,Fridge or Locker Magnet

I am tempted to get the magnet for the filing cabinet at work...

Have a fab weekend

Taking over the world; Step #7 - get a whizz-bang website

Getting a KitschenSink website was on the list of this year's long term goals and it's here! Go have a looksie if you haven't already!

You may remember I blogged about the re-branding exercise (here), well, that was a step towards the further goal of having a website of our very own.  The re-branding exercise is still on going, and we're looking into business cards that  can also be used as backing cards, stickers, all kinds of super shizz.

The site currently uses Folksy as a shop, but that's temporary. It doesn't seem like a clever idea to pay a subscription for big-cartel in the current climate.

So...? Whaddaya think?? If you like the design and fancy one for yourself go to Kidd81's website.


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Taking over the world; Step #6 - Open a DaWanda Store

One of the medium term goals for this year was to get a KitschenSink DaWanda Boutique opened.

There's been a lot of good feedback about DaWanda, and there appears to be some great quality items and good uptake on sales. Our stuff is translated into French and German there (it's been fun getting back into speaking French again!) so European KitschenSinkers can enjoy shopping with us a little easier. It's only been open a few days and we have already had sales!

You can find all the usual KitschenSink goodness there, so get stuck in...

Do tell if you have any DaWanda tips!


Monday, 15 June 2009

I painted a picture...

I reet love Roy Lichtenstein, I do.  I was looking for a suitable picture to hang in The Penthouse, surfing t'internet waves, when I cam across this website.  Seems as though some guy called David Barsalou has found an original comic illustration for pretty much every piece of work Lichtenstein ever did.

 Image - David Barsalou

I had a lengthy debate with the platonic boyfriend over this on Saturday night over whether this is OK or not.  He says yes, it's just like a song being sampled and remixed into a new one, bringing a new audeince.  I say no, because I'm pretty sure the original artists were never credited and the imagery passed off as his own.

Anyway. I have been wanting similar for my wall for ages... se where I am going? I own a couple of vintage love comics and thought I'd have a little try myself. Here's my practice effort, I don't like the writing, I was getting tired and spoilt it.

It's only a small one to practice. I haven't painted since I left sixth form, almost ten years ago, and it took a while to remember how much paint to use, how to water the colours down, etc, etc.  A few more goes and I may attempt a big canvas.

Oh and... remember, this is a rip off... but I will accept commissions (well? Roy did?)


Friday, 12 June 2009

Think of a happy thought...

I am in a bouncy good mood today.  This weekend I hope to paint some pictures... we'll see how that goes. I'm feeling super creative (on a personal note: this does tend to happen when I'm single... ya get me? Frustration?!).  I have an idea and if I can do it then it will be super cool! If it goes well this weekend, I'll blog on Sunday with a peek for you.

I made these lockets last year and sold them at the University of Leeds Fair Trade Fair, they sold out in the morning, and a few people came back in the afternoon disappointed that they'd sold.  I have been trying to get hold of some more of the decals... and finally, I have found some.  I'm looking forward to making more, similar lockets, and have an order placed for one already!

I'm still updating KitschenSink @ Folksy. Head on over. A 'Marjorie Loves... Kitsch Cameo Necklace' sold within an hour of it being listed!

Also new on Folksy: ThE NoToRiOuS, tHe LeGeNd NeCkLaCe
♥ I was never the girl next door ♥ Ms Bettie Page.  
A pin-up photo is embedded into this handmade bubble heart pendant. Perfect for Bettie wannabes and burlesque beauties. Looks delicious with or without your clothes on. Strung on an 16" or 18" silver-plated snake chain. Pendant is handmade in waterclear resin. 

What happy thoughts do you have this weekend?

Folksy Finds Friday - FluffsStuffs

Today's Folksy Finds Friday is showcasing the button-based cuteness of Fluffsstuffs. The cutest bits of vintage fabrics have been used to make fabric buttons which are then made into rings, hairgrips, bracelets... all sorts!  Here's my favourites...

winking polka dot scarf retro gal 15mm darling earrings

 Picturing my love 1940s vintage image cute pin brooch 

kitty kids retro cute charm bracelet

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Now on Folksy - bLoCk PaRtY LiGhTs/bRiGhTs - LeGo StUdS

Last night was spent getting the Folksy Boutique a little more up to date.  Stock has been sitting around waiting for the real life selling events, but you needn't wait any longer...

... first up we'd like to show you some stud earrings.  These are new and part of the ever growing 'bLoCk PaRtY' Lego jewels range.

bLoCk PaRtY LiGhTs - LeGo RoUnD StUdS

Brightly coloured, translucent round Lego 1ers mounted on silver plated ear stud backs. These translucent bricks really pick up the light, some colours appear to glow like LEDs!

bLoCk PaRtY bRiGhTs - LeGo RoUnD StUdS

Brightly coloured, opaque round Lego 1ers mounted on silver plated ear stud backs. These little Lego plates are subtle, for girls and boysies too, available in brights and neutrals, whatever lights your fire!

bLoCk PaRtY bRiGhTs - LeGo SqUaRe StUdS

Brightly coloured, opaque square Lego 1ers mounted on silver plated ear stud backs. These little Lego plates are subtle, for girls and boysies too, available in brights and neutrals, whatever floats ya boat!

Now that Folksy allows international shipping... the whole world can enjoy KitschenSink!


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The stall - Artsmix @ The Loft Leeds - Specialist Jewellery Showcase

I'd worked long and hard for this day. I always stress myself out ahead of 'real life' selling events, mainly worrying I'll not have enough stock.  Thankfully I slept well the night before, which wasn't even alcohol induced!

The Artsmix Market itself was pretty quiet. I sold a fair amount, covered my costs and some, plus I had a lot of feedback, made some friends and got some interest (including some boy interest... more on that later).

I like to see photos of other people's stalls, so here's mine.  They were trialling a round table format. I wasn;t down with that, so opted for a half-stall. I'm glad I did. My body looks to be really disproportionate and I'm not sure why?! Notice: comic fabric, anchors and cherries, and comic speech bubbles.

Image above courtesy of Samantha.  She was in a rush to catch her train to London when she took this. She came to collect her catlace!

Paula from Projeto (stockist of KitschenSink) was also selling at Artsmix. She has some really great collections now. Here's her stall, it looked really cool, but I'm pretty sure she has a degree in something retail-related. That's cheating :)

I was particularly impressed with the jewels of Cat and Bang. Have a looksie at their website.
My friend Gill of Easily Suede was there selling her hand stitched leather bags, iPod cases and cuffs. She's just got hold of some carp leather and I got my hands on a really cool cuff in turquoise. I'll blog that another time.

I met a few other really cool people, including: Sarah Pinnell, an artist and fashion designer. Keep your eye on her, she is starting out making affordable, made-to-measure fashion (on the day she wore one of her own dresses that was sooo gorgeous, I'm definitely going to have one made after my holidays!); Rachel of Rachel Lucie Jewellery Designs and a really nice couple who live just down the canal from me.  Hopefully I'll pick up a business card off them if we both get to sell at the event I have applied for at the end of summer.
So... there was quite a hot guy working at the venue... the platonic boyfriend arrived late, so as a good will gesture, gave me a lift home (in his dirty work van).  This hot guy really checked out platonic boyfriend.  Hopefully he decided he was my brother since we're both ginners.
On a similar positive note, platonic boyfriend had been checking out my bum (apparently it's allowed?) whilst I was tidying up and said it looked good. There must be something about Rowan this week, I have had a higher level of interest from the opposite sex this week. 5-fold in fact.
That's all for today... thank you and goodnight!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Favours for friends

Do you ever become so self absorbed you forget other people in the world exist other than just yourself?

I know I do. I guess that's life, when you become so busy and stressed, and you just need to get your own shit done before you can see further than the end of your nose, and that's been me for the last few weeks. After Artsmix, for a short period, I'll be able to see friends again, which will be nice... I need some social time with pals.

I've been working on this 'Catlace', term coined by the recipitent, for a friend who saw a picture of a sold item on Flickr and wanted one making in blue. I used to be scared of custom orders, but not so much now. I hope she likes it!

Could you do a favour for my friend? He's in a band called Dead Message, and they have the opportunity to play at a local but very popular festival.  No sign up required - could you please just click here and vote for them, they are 5th from the bottom. I go to the festival every year and it would be good to see someone I know up on the stage!


Just a few last minute bits and bobs to do for Artsmix tomorrow... wish me luck!


Friday, 5 June 2009

Folksy Finds Friday - The Linen Cat

I saw the cats on the front page of Folksy and thought they were really cute and kinda eerie, just how I like it. Think it's the small eyes. The Linen Cat makes various items from natural fabrics, but here's my favourite!

Green Bunny Lavender Bag

 Linen Mouse Egg Cosy

I'd be well impressed if someone made me a boiled egg and it came dressed as a mouse. Actually, I'd be well impressed if someone made me a boiled egg.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Awesome find... and a bit about how my stall's gonna look

As you're probably aware, this year I am making a big effort to get lots of things just right (see the 'Taking over the World' labelled posts).  I'm getting pretty stressed, and waking up with the bedside lamp on (means I had a nightmare and hallucinated) seems to have recurred most nights this week. It doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it, just maybe that I should slow down.

Anyway.  Check out this fabric I have got as a tablecloth!! This was a doubly awesome find on eBay. The double bit was because the seller lived in the 'ford, not just that, but literally 5 minutes up the road, opposite my friend's! So no postage cost, yesssssssssssssss!

This will just drape off the table (hopefully) to the floor, and the top of the table will be covered in black fabric.  I think it'll look really cool.  Especially when you take into account how the prices, product and company information is displayed - here's a couple of examples:
And then there's the cherries, anchor, lots of comic boxes.... oooh I hope it all looks top notch!

By the next one, I hope to have the re-branded display cards. This time I am just using up old ones, but they still look good!

What are your tips for stall/market/fair/generic selling success? I'll feature them (and credit you) sometime next week!


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

May Round-up

Being late seems to be becoming the norm on this. I have a life, OK?!

Super social events (in no particular order):
1. Rhea & Chris' Wedding
2. Day out in Otley
3. Jemma's raclette evening
4. Impromptu night out in Bradford
5. Night out in Leeds
6. Barbeque at Jemma's

Movies I watched:
1. Five episodes of Sky+'d LOST
2. Sliding Doors
3. I attempted to watch Amelie but got annoyed when only the first half of each sentence came up in subtitles!

Disappointment of the month: Otley. I had hoped it might be a chic cosmopolitan drinking area full of fine gentlemen. It was none of those things.
Crafting highlight of the month: Finding a source of pink Lego!
Most annoying thing: Postmen. The end.

I'm pleased with myself because: I managed to get hold of a gorgeous dress that was discontinued.

Focus for next month:
1. Approach another bricks and mortar to sell my work (carried forward)
2. Get my own website and other stores up to date (inc opening a DaWanda)
3. Consider and plan a giveaway for the launch of the KitschenSink website

Focus of last month & were the goals met?:
1. Get more 3D stall ideas together and bought/made - had anchor and cherries stands specially made AND I got hold of an awesome fabric for a table cover (more on that another time)
2. Complete the cameos into necklaces/brooches - Done
3. Complete the lockets into necklaces - Done
4. Approach another bricks and mortar to sell my work - nope, been working towards Artsmix, this Sunday.
5. Have my hair cut and colour it! - done, although the colour is fading a little

The weather has been gorgeous the last few days... let's hope for more sunshine!