Sunday, 28 February 2010

10th Photo Story

I've been linked into a chain of photo story telling by Littleclouds. I am a bit of a geek for these things, where you answer a series of questions with one answer or whatever. Anyway I had to cheat a little bit because the 10th photo in my first album on Facebook (I presume that's what this means) has friends in and they aren't internet SLAGS like I am, and I don't think they'd be happy about me using a photo of them in this way...

So the rules are as follows....

1. open your first photo folder

2. scroll to the tenth photo
3. post the photo and the story behind it
4. tag five or more people

I uploaded this photo in September 2007, so back then I was living at my parents' and saving for my own home.  My parents had gone away on holiday and I came home from work to find this trivial note from my Mum stuck to the front of a Unison (public services trade union) mailshot. It reads 'Is this your double? Do not forget to put your license in your car! - Or you will be fined. PS eat the carrot cake'. 

Comments that followed are:
  • she really does look like you....uncanny.
  • wow- scary stuff, your absolute double!!!  
  • omg that's freaky!! they say everyone has a double...
I just want to note that my hair has never looked that shit.

My tagged buddies then, are:
Enjoy the last few hours of weekend fun :)


1 comment:

Kitschy Coo said...

So funny, I actually saw my doppelganger at university ten years ago across the foyer and it was very, very freaky. Consider me tagged :)