Thursday, 29 March 2012

POW! On Russell Kane on Geordie Shore

I just can't get enough of Russell Kane, and seemingly he can;t get enough of his Kitschen Sink POW! Pin. 

We last saw Russell wearing his Pow! pin in December when he tweeted a picture of himself having a cuddle with his new Pug Captain Colin, then on his spot on the Graham Norton Christmas Special.  But last night he presented the whole Geordie Shore Reunion show on MTV wearing his Pow! Pin on his snappy suit. Holla!

Holla! Love ya Russell!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

Friday, 23 March 2012

As seen on TV! Tape measure bracelet on 'Baking Mad'

Yes! I've just been catching up on Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard which is a daytime TV show on Channel 4 (I've been watching it on 4OD) - spotting that the lovely Zoe Biscombe who runs the awesome Iron Cupcake contest in Leeds was a contestant.  She's sporting none other than a Kitschen Sink Measure Of My Dreams bracelet!

Zoe and fellow contestant working against the clock...

Measuring ingredients...

Filling the profiterole...

And her winning masterpiece - a choux pastry "religious"....

Yum! Feeling a bit peckish now....!

Well done, Zoe!

Read more about Iron Cupcake or follow Zoe on Twitter!

Buy a tape measure bracelet.


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Monday, 19 March 2012

NEW COLLECTION: Lovely Jubilee!

To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year, I have designed three limited edition pieces available as brooches and necklaces, inspired by her ladiship's blingin' crown jewels.  Perfect for kitsch queens, proud to be British princesses and design-loving duchesses! Some gold sparkle, some jewelly translucent royal blue lucite and regal red - who would want the Queen's crown jewels?!

Those who hold the Kitschen Sink Orb hold the honorary title "Defender of Kitsch"!

 Become a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Kitschen Sink Empire!!

 Crown yourself "Queen of Kitsch" this Diamond Jubilee 2012!

Rumour has it that the queens have been after something more fun for a while...

If you don't understand my play on words 'Lovely Jubilee', watch this short video :)

These designs are super limited edition - snap one up now!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Playing with the #motherfrickinlaser at Duke Studios, Leeds

Good evening! I just got back from lasering fun at Duke Studios in Leeds.

Bzzzz (yes, a sneak peek!)

After an hour and half or so of practice, I think I understand how to work it! By the last half hour I was zipping about preparing files before the laser had even finished cutting its current job.

The #motherfrickinlaser at Duke Studios

 What a magnificent piece of kit! If I had one of my own I'd be cutting out new designs every five minutes, I'd be the market leader in amazing designs in no time!

Still have a load of designs to finish so I'll be back again soon - can't wait!


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Monday, 12 March 2012

Feature in Brand Yorkshire Magazine - Social Media Bootcamp!

The latest issue of Brand Yorkshire magazine has been published and features an article written by me on using social media to build a brand personality.

Photography by Lucy Ray

The article coincides with Social Media Bootcamp, run by Abi Manifold (SewYou) and myself, releasing the next round of dates for our workshops for small businesses and the self-employed.

We have a couple of extra sessions this time around including 'Blogging: structured writing and inspiration' and 'Social Media Visuals: entice and engage'.

For further info email me

Read the article in Brand Yorkshire on page 55.


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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Reet Sweet and weekend round-up in pictures

I spent yesterday selling at my favourite event Reet Sweet, but in the different location of Sheffield!  I had such a great day - browse in pictures!

"You got to go forward to go back, better press on" [Willy Wonka]

This place has everything!!

A happy lucky dipper!

"Don't be a darn fool, Wonka, that's the way we came in!"
Foxes is underparts (obv!) by The Darnit! Collective
Amazing stitchin' by Born Restless

Laser-cut mixed media by Hello Sunshine

Sunday was spent making jewels to replenish stock bought on Saturday, tidying (found my favourite squirrel brooch by LLROK!) and I also purchased this amazing retro swimsuit I couldn't stop thinking about all week...

This squirrel was hiding under the sofa!
A bargain at £12.99!

What have you been up to all weekend?


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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Weekend project: Frame restoration

I had an urge to do-up some big frames. Off I went to the charity shops today - and I picked up a bargain!

Just a tenner! I know if I'd have gone to Saltaire to look in their vintage shops I'd have been expected to pay in excess of £30 for something like this!

I decided to go for bright, bold colours.  The paint I have used is super glossy.

I also started on the big old frame I used as my shop sign last year

Can't wait til they're completely finished - these are for my stall but I want to do loads for my home too, they'd be perfect!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

Thursday, 1 March 2012

This was February...

Another mad busy but awesome month...

I was accepted to sell at London Pride Design Festival - an event by appointment of the Queen!

I met lots of inspirational digital-type and creative ladies ready to start a movement to put Leeds back on the map of ultra cool again.  Leeds is one of my favourite places and it should be on everyone else's list too!

I learnt how to use a laser cutter

I booked my holiday to New York, New York!

I co-facilitated a workshop on effective use of Twitter for a small business. It's had some amazing feedback and we are looking forward to leading the next session on social media strategy

I was offered a position teaching resin jewellery making at a local college

I went to Sheffield to meet the people behind Folksy to give feedback on their selling platform.

TestSpace: Store opened for another fortnight at the Corn Exchange and I went along to the launch party

I went to the opera for the first time and fell in love with Madame Butterfly

I took a few days off work and had a treat in a gorgeous spa at the Bridge Inn in Wetherby. The outdoor hot tub, steam room, sauna and Japanese foot baths were just wonderful!

I met my friends new baby Zachary. Congratulations to Jemma and Ian!

I had a stall at ReetSweet Shopping Fair - great fun as always!

What have you been up to?


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