Wednesday, 29 October 2008

In the last week of KitschenSink...

...I have...

...sold two items on Folksy! A blue and a pink 'Measure of My Dreams Bracelet'. I'm really pleased, because I think they are super cute!! They are in limited supply too... I don't seem to be able to find any more measuring tapes in these funky colours. Boo!!!!

...been interviewed for the 'Crafting in Colour' Etsy Team blog! Read it here!

...been asked to sell my work in a new gallery/shop in a quaint village not so far from where I live. I am excited and apprehensive all at once! This is an avenue I wanted to explore after Chirstmas but if the mountain is coming to Mohammed (PBUH) already, then I won't be turning it away! always, been super busy. When I get chance on dinner break (lunch, I'm northern) at work, I jot down a few objectives for the evening. Today's is - buy dress, tea, blog, read up on wholesale, pack items, make. That's right, a reminder to eat my tea. The oven is preheating as we speak. Blog - check.

Think I will watch 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' whilst I work on the rest.

And on that note... I am mourning the BBC's loss of Russell Brand - the only thing worth my TV Licence fee.

Russell - here's to you. I love you. I'm just going to look at this photo for a bit...

... see you on Channel 4 I suppose....

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Holidays are coming??

Here in the UK we have what's called Sunday Trading Law. It basically means shops can't be open longer than 6 hours (although I think convenience stores have different rules).

I think the same should be applied to Christmas advertising/display/etc. I almost threw up a few days ago when I heard the DFS (sofa company) ad playing Christmas music. I mean, It's not even November yet.

So this is three weeks away what I am selling at, so it seems the right time to advertise it. I am so excited but still have so much to do! I have booked the week leading up to it off work to get prepared!

It's always a really good do and the folks who oragnise it are gems. Get yerself down if you can make it!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Bad stuff.... good stuff

My horoscope says today:

'It's a busy, busy day today as your normal routine becomes more complicated. You may talk about simplification, but it's not going to be easy to cut back on your activities. Instead of fretting over what you cannot finish, slow down enough to catch your breath and just try to meet your obligations as best you can.'

Too effing right. Too too busy. My 9-5 is stretching me to capacity and sooner or later my hair is going to start falling out. If my eyelashes fall out, enough's enough. That REALLY freaks me out.

I have had a social event pretty much every evening as far back as I remember (I recommend you listen to the Courteeners , The Mystery Jets, and the Golden Silvers, seen those over the weekend).

So just as I am contemplating jumping into oncoming traffic of a dual carriageway - I notice my feedback has arrived for the first ring I sold on Etsy... whoopie!


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

So much time and so little to do! Strike that - reverse it!

I am telling you. Mr Willy Wonka was a genious when it came to proverbs and all that.

I have done a fair bit over the last few days.

I have joined Twitter and Flickr and haven't quite got my head around them yet but quite like them. Better than myspace anyway. I used to like myspace alot, but not so much these days.

I have joined the Craft in Colour Etsy Team, which is run by Tizzalicious, which I am really excited about... following from this, I was featured in a Treasury. Yay! Here's my fame, and I have so many more hits from this so many thanks and I'll have a go at creating one soon:

The above features :

Mermaid Bracelet by Pulp Sushi
Sweet and Sassy Hair Flower by Always Amy
Large Felt Handbag by Lusitania
Pool Party Office Set by Start To Finish
Bright Blue Button Bracelet by Kitschtique
Sweet Coral Red Rose Earrings by Baby Loves Pink
Block Party Lego Cube Ring by Kitschen Sink
Any Way You'd Like To Travel - Tractor Print by Goodbloom
Tripple - Sweet UFO - Sprinkles Bracelet by Stoopid Gerl
Fleece Dog Ball by Bentleys Bones
Kitty Cat Double Cards by Chez Larsson
Recycled Shirt Tunic Dress by CourtneyCourtney

Thanks again to Tizzalicious for featuring us, head over to her shop there's some really cute stuff, it's a shame she couldn't put something of her own in but apparently that's not good etsy-quette.

Well you may think that doesn't sound alot but I do work full time and have family and friends to see too... and this online marketing whatnot takes alot of time up!

I'm off to go make some stuff with my new supplies!

Hearts xoxox

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

This weather is wack


I am a BIG fan of autumn/winter fashion for various reasons - some of which are: I enjoy tweed and tartan and other heavy fabrics; I am of the pale skin variety which is allowed in these months (you look like a tit with orange skin in any season to be fair, and fake tan never looks right on me); I don't have a boyfriend and therefore do not shave my legs unless it's a special occasion so trousers and tights get the A+.

But this weather Iis HORRIBLE. I have a crack in the sole of my boot and my foot is getting wet, I need some new ones but haven't found THE pair yet. So wet foot for a few days.

Check out the dreadful scene from the penthouse today (anyone want to run away to a sunny country with me?):

I expect to make LOTS over the next few days with cups of tea and perhaps I'll buy some cupcakes. What do you do to cheer up in the miserable weather?
Hearts xoxox

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Fruits of my labour

So I said I had some new supplies... here's a few things I have made. I really enjoyed making these and they didn't take too long either. I think this is the way forward when working towards a big craft fair and Christmas time, having some staple items that are effective and don't take too long to make, alongside the more creative pieces that I make from scratch. It also means I cater for lower budgets!!

Not sure on prices yet, need to do some sums.

First - Hearts - necklaces, rings, earrings, hairslides to follow (just ordered them)

Second - Snowflakes - Ready for winter - necklaces, rings, earrings, hairslides to follow

Third - Ladybirds - necklaces, rings, earrings, hairslides to follow

I also made some button stack rings/earrings but they aren't finished yet.

There is a black/white/red theme here which I like... I just ordered more supplies so the idea will be developed further very soon...
What do you think? What have you done in preparation for the upcoming holiday season?
Hearts xoxox

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Today is a grrrrrrrrrreat day!

OK so I am back - I mean, I am really back, cos I haven't been myself for a couple of weeks...

Today was a great day because....

a) I went to the post depot today to collect a package and it was some supplies that had to be signed-for, and they are great... will be able to make some cute stuff...

b) I held a stall at Bradford College Freshers' Fair, it wasn't really a selling event so I didn't sell much, but, I did generate alot of interest and gave out business cards and have kinda been invited back for a proper craft fair-cum- jewellery sale.

c) I picked up my postcards from the printers - a fab job by KallKwik

d) I got home and more supplies had arrived... yay!

e - and completely craft unrelated) I scored a flirting hat-trick with a wink, wolf-whistle and car beep. I must wear skirts more often (and it wasn't even short).

It was also a great day because I saw alot of the students I used to hang out with, and they remembered me!

Hopefully my next post will have some photos of the stuff I make with my new supplies :o)

Hearts xoxox

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


So...I happened upon my work in a google image search and thought I was going to throw up... turns out it was a wist!! I was wisted! Check it out!!!

I made that because I never had name necklaces when I was younger, having such a silly name and all. Well no not really, I'd rather be called Rowan than something common. Although I never got away with not doing my homework. Ginger and a funny name. I couldn't be a wall flower if I wanted to.

I get asked alot how much to make one... it took ages, I'd have to charge at least £30 to make it worth my while.... and then people aren't so keen!!

Back soon,

Hearts xoxox

Monday, 6 October 2008

Quick catch-up

I haven't blogged so much lately and for that I can only apologise. In the poetic words of Kellie Marie, my head's been in a spin and my feet haven't touched the ground. It's less to do with love and more to do with a crazy social life, hectic 9-5 and running a house on my own (it gets really untidy ya know).

So... Past: In terms of crafting, I have been sourcing new supplies (it takes longer than you think), drawing and designing a business card. I have also ordered some post cards... yipee. Also money got stolen from my bank, which is wack, cos I can;t use ebay til it's sorted.

Present: I am having a stall on Wednesday.. I'll say where after in case my stalker is reading (it's not a public one I can publicise anyway). I am quickly putting together my inventor and sorting out packaging etc.

Future: I am so excited about my new supplies and you should be too... resin is making a come back, starting with some simple designs, there is also going to be a winter theme ready for Christmas and whatever else holidays folks are celebrating. I was asked lasked year to make some Christmas/wintery themed stuff and I'm excited about this... there'll also be hearts and some other bits and pieces....

Another future aim is to get some better structure to my blog, I'll have specific days of the month where I'll blog about targets I set for myself, etc etc.

Anyways I'm off... glue must have dried by now.

Wish me luck for Wednesday

Hearts xoxox