Saturday, 20 February 2010

Saturday shop scour

I'll keep it brief, I have a cracking headache, possibly from the excitement of this morning's finds and maybe due to a big decision I made this week, but that's top secret for now. Eek!

I went shopping with my friend Kate P today. I found some real gems! Take a look at these beauties. I can't wait to play with them, the possibilities are endless...

...that's right, just a few lucky book finds. But they are just beautiful inside. So much so I want to eat them.

Did I tell you I am in an incredibly good mood of late? No reason. I feel like I have been over-charged and may combust at any point.  It's great. But it also makes me feel a bit seasick at the same time. Never mind.

Right, must go make boxes for the Designers Marketplace stock. Almost done :)


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mamutopia said...

You're making me curious!