Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bye bye 2011 - it's been AWESOME!

A post to pay tribute to 2011, cos it's been a right blast! Here we go...

♥ January

I lost a bloody lot of weight!  No complaints here - shame it was down to the heartbreak diet. Onwards and upwards...

...I booked my flights for Austin, Texas!

♥ February

We ran our first co-hosted giveaway with Sick For Cute! to launch the 'Meet The Stockist' interview posts.

I did my first video blog!

I bought a pair of roller skates and started regular roller dance classes. I also gave roller derby a shot! (Turns out I don't like getting knocked about).

I went to London and had a really lovely weekend with Samantha where she got papped by Elle Magazine and we had gorgeous cupcakes from Selfridges.

Our Electric Storm necklace was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine! Wowow!

I led a jewellery workshop with about 50 students there!

I watched a season and a half of Mad Men and lost another 8lbs.

♥ March

I learnt how to tie my hair in a big top knot, a la Breakfast At Tiffany's

I went to Lincoln to visit a friend that I hadn't seen in years. It was fun!

I haphazardly opened a shop in Leeds city centre

♥ April

I went on a girl's holiday to Barcelona which was very cool. A real whistle stop tour but saw everything I wanted to see and had a right larf.

I had my hair styled at GHD head office and they made me look red-carpet ready! All dressed up and nowhere to go...

♥ May

I had the wonderful privilege of being befriended by the Hebe Media team who were off to Barcelona to big-up the Leeds scene.  Sadly it was too late to physically join them on the adventure but they took my jewels over and interviewed me as part of their featured creatives.

I launched The Kapow Collection - one of my favourite collections to date!  The pieces got photographed by friend photographer Carla De Azevedo and modelled by Victoria Stansfield. Cute eh?

♥ June

I went to Austin for a fortnight which was freakin awesome.  I made new friends, spent lots of time with Kate and had a good relax!  I'll definitely be back there just as soon as I can!

I turned another year older!

♥ July

With Carla and Victoria, we did the first ever Kitschen Sink studio photography shoot.  It was loads of fun!

I decided to close the shop I had opened in March.  It was a really interesting learning experience.  I trust my gut feeling and instincts completely and on this occasion it just didn't suit my tight-ship, independent style of working.  I'd maybe try retailing again in the distant now I know what to look for in a premises, but I love the flexibility of design right now.

♥ August

I went to the Trafford Centre for the first time!

I left my day job in staff development for a promotion to a centre of innovation in medical technologies. Ooh lala! It meant I'd get to give more ideas, dabble in marketing and there's lots of talk of Intellectual Property, a subject I love!

I got accepted to sell at Saltaire Festival.

Kitschen Sink was featured on Le Look - a Barcelona based fashion blog, thanks to Hebe.

I won a unicorn onesie!

♥ September

I sold at Saltaire Festival and Reet Sweet!

I was shortlisted for TWO Leeds retail awards!

♥ October

I had a gander at the first ever Renegade craft fair in the UK.  It was OK!

I launched mini-pins as part of the Kapow Collection that are suitable guys and dolls... they really took off!

I took part in ReetSweet and we went for drinks after with some of the stall holders who are a great bunch!

Business Link ran a special event with two big names in the fashion business - Eric Musgrave and David Seabourne. It was inspiring!

I did my first ever outdoor market and found out I was accepted to BUST Christmas Craftacular in London!

♥ November

I took part in Super Duper Fair in Blackpool and BUST Christmas Craftacular in London... and another outdoor market!

My best friend got married and I was bridesmaid! It was on Bonfire Night. A really special day.

I learnt how to network properly - I know, right?!

I saw Friendly Fires live and had a really good night out afterwards involving a cocktail of shots. Wowza!

We encountered the worst train journey of my life - I was meant to leave London at 8pm, and I got home at 3.30am the next day!

♥ December

 I somehow managed to sell at three events over two days. Crazy sales!

The biggest and best news of the year - Russell Kane wearing a POW mini-pin on Twitter and then ON TV! Read the story here!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

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Friday, 30 December 2011

Six 2011 ideals - did I achieve them?

Last year I set myself six guidelines or goals (here) - not really resolutions, I don't go in for that. I think if you want to make a positive change you can do it at any time of year.

So did I meet them?

♥ I want to save my money
I need to stop myself from ordering a take-away or buying a dress when that money could go towards a trip!
I didn't do too badly! I still got take aways, but I did watch the pennies!

♥ I want to see more of the world
I'm tempted to see if anyone in NYC wants to do an apartment swap... probably not but worth a try...?

Well, I got to Barcelona and Austin, Texas! That'll ding dang do!

♥ I want to develop my creativity
I've enquired about an Adobe Illustrator course, let's hope there's spaces left! I've also ordered an 'Illustrator for Dummies book'.  I also want to develop my own drawing and illustration skills and journal more.

I enrolled on the illustrator course, I can't believe it was this year?! I know pretty much as much as I need to know now.  I'd still like to develop my own illustration style.  I think this is going to roll over to 2012!

♥ I hope to continue to think positively
It's not always easy, but I've dumped a lot of negative influences and wear blinkers when I'm with those that I have no choice about being around.  If I'm unhappy about something, I make a change. Sometimes it can't happen over night, but if you don't make an attempt, you have no right to moan!

Smashed this! It was difficult in the early part of the year but sometimes now I feel like a star that's burning so bright with energy I might combust (hope I don't burnt out though?!)

♥ I'd like to lose a few pounds
Yawnz. The problem is, there's nothing wrong with my self esteem. I'm happy with the way I look. But carrying around extra flabber isn't just about looks, it's about health too. I'm an 'average' dress size - 'average' in an ever expanding obese population, so 'average' isn't really OK. I'm going to do some fun exercise classes wearing harem trousers. Yeah, baby!

It's the same every January, because I gain a good few pounds over winter!

♥ I want KitschenSink to be my bigger picture
I'm going to work hard on my business this year. Maximum exposure, big sales, fun times.
I took my eye off the ball a bit when I opened the shop in March.  But I have had chance to re-focus and think I got my buzz back (finally!). 2012 is going to blow up!


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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Our TV Debut courtesy of Russell Kane and the Graham Norton Christmas Special

The POW mini-pin gave Kitschen Sink its TV debut last night courtesy of Russell Kane on the Graham Norton Christmas Special.  The show was aired at 10.35pm last night on BBC1.

I had been led to understand that Russell would be wearing it after seeing his tweet last week... but after reading through his Twitter updates yesterday morning and seeing some photos he shot during filming (stalker alert!) I noticed he was wearing a Christmas jumper and I couldn't see the pin.  I was a bit gutted... Off I went to do the last minute bits of Christmas shopping...

In the evening:

Julia had spotted Russell wearing the pin on the ad before the news.  I was completely frozen to the seat! I had to ring her to make sure and she rewound it twice.  Fo' shiz, it was the POW pin!

He was joined on the couch by the guy who plays Doctor Who and Gillian Anderson (fellow hot ginge of X Files fame).

Check out Gillian eyeballing the pin badge!!  I wonder if she wants one too (call me if you do, Scully),

What a marvelous early Christmas gift for me!

The show is available to watch for the next seven days on BBC iPlayer here.

Sigh No, I won't be watching over and over again and drooling. I won't. Yeah, I will.

Find the POW mini-pin here, and the POW necklace here.


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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Russell Kane ♥z Kitschen Sink... POW!

Look what Russell Kane was wearing when he tweeted today:

That's right, his very own Kitschen Sink POW Mini-Pin!  And he loves it!

Men have been asking for some Kitschen Sink-for-boys for a while but it's so difficult to get a good masculine:kitsch ratio.

These mini-pins have hit the spot perfectly - and Russell is just the sort of guy I wanted to see rocking them.

Russell Kane is my favourite comedian and TV personality and the only reason I watch ITV2.

Hot damn.



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Saturday, 3 December 2011

That was November...

Another busy month!

It was Andrew's birthday.  Andrew is a best friend, we met by freak coincidence. We went to a restaurant for dinner but it wasn't very good, but we all had fun anyway!

We tried smiling, we didn't like it...

I attended an Advanced Networking course which was very funny! Will Kintish is a comedian.

Another best friend's wedding! I was a bridesmaid. It was Bonfire Night and it was awesome!

Bonfire night parkin at the wedding

ReetSweet at the University of Leeds Student Union. A great day and met a few new crafters!

My second Artsmix in on Albion Place, Leeds City Centre.  Amazing takings, nice and busy, lots of coffee, and didn't get too cold at all!

Super Duper Fair! Carla from Maus Haus and I took a trip to Blackpool to take part in the Super Duper Fair.  We had fish and chips from Harry Ramsden's of course!

I scooted home as fast as I could and caught the second half of the Friendly Fires gig (oops!).  We had a fantastic night nonetheless... After too many vodka, sambuca and tequila shots, cocktails and rums!

Friends and me out on t'town
A friend from Lincoln was stayed for the weekend and we spent the day in Saltaire, mooching around the mill. A perfect Sunday afternoon :)

I visited SamARTha and Marco for the weekend in London.  Marco was working hard a lot but he did make some some delicious spaghetti. Samantha and I went to Winter Wonderland which was wonderful but busy to the point I got a bit panicky! Hehe!

Winter Wonderland in London - like a city of grotto fun

DaWanda, the online selling platform in Europe took me out for dinner in exchange for my advice! Very business-like, la-dee-da!

The craft highlight of the year, BUST Craftacular!!

Craftacular delight!

An horrendous train journey home - not getting in until 3.30am :(  but a really good time to catch up with my illustrating friend Helen Entwisle 'Memo' for a good few hours!

And it's another busy one in December including a mega weekend of three events in a two day period! Yowza!


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