Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dates for your diary

Upcoming places to buy KitschenSink in real life:

University of Leeds Staff Festival - September 3rd, University of Leeds

Saltaire Arts Trail Makers' Fair - September 11th/12th, Victoria Hall, Saltaire

While Stocks Last - October 9th, The Faversham, Leeds

The Knitting and Stitching Show - November 25th-28th, Harrogate International Centre

See you there!


Monday, 23 August 2010

Girl crush: Amanda Warner

I first saw Amanda Warner on Jonathan Ross performing with Mark Ronson and the Business International. I thought she was very cool.

I was intrigued by this lady who wore very large glasses.

Subsequently, I have watched the video to Bang Bang Bang many times. I'm mesmerised.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of her doing her own thing (she's known as MNDR doing her own thing). I like this already.

She looks a lot like Diedre Barlow from Coronation Street in the olden days. But that's OK.

What have you been listening to lately?


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New stockist: The Make Lounge

I'm so excited to announce my newest of stockists The Make Lounge!

I first heard about The Make Lounge back in 2008 when it gave me some inspiration for what I'd like to do with my life if I ever break out of admin hell.

I'd so be all over this place if I lived in London...



PS. I walked into the bed post in the dark last night and now have a bruised lady area... oh the pain...

Monday, 16 August 2010

What's cooking in the Kitschen?

I have been too too busy! Lack of posting due to camera disappearance plus the fact I am on the computer all day at the 9-5 at the moment, I just don't want to blog when I get home....

I went to London a couple of weeks ago to visit my friend Tommy and his new fiancee Anne.  We went to an art festival I have been meaning to go to since I first heard about it

I strongly urge you to go if you're around there next year.

I've planned and booked a trip to Barcelona with a couple of my girl-friends. It's not til March but it was cheap and there's plenty of time to save up... I can't wait! I'm going to buy a guide book and stick stars all over where I want to see!

KitschenSink-wise I've been mainly making more Tooth Rot stock.  It's very popular at the minute. I've experimented on a few variations and can't wait to show you! From the experimentation I'm hoping to add a necklace to the range.  I've also been working on several wholesale orders, including a sample of a badge for a rock band to celebrate the launch of their next album. I hope they like the sample! (the first got lost in the post).

I have a new stockist! More in the next blog...

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be working on new display ideas for Saltaire Arts Trail and The Knitting and Stitching Show but they must be strictly cheap DIY. Ideas welcome...


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Recent indie snaffles, buys and gifts

First up there's this cute little pin bought by Samantha and Marco for my birthday. Samantha picked it for me at the Bust Craftacular and presented it to me in a lovely little stripey paper bag, that also had anchor stickers and some seeds for jalapeno peppers that I am yet to plant...

Pin by Lost at Sea

Also at Bust Craftacular I wanted to buy a Brat and Suzie T Shirt, but they didn't have the one I wanted at the time... the first one didn't fit so well. Here's part of me in the new one...

And here's a couple of the books I was sent by Meridien Ariel. She kindly sent me these, and in return I'll send her a pendant!

She also kindly enclosed one of her pieces of art so it was a real swap (she'd read my swap whinge)

I wish I could find the lovely note that was in the package too. I kept it for sure - but it's in one of my 'safe places'... on card, tea stained, written on an old type writer and with different stars cut out of it! I love Love LOVE snail mail notes!

Where have I been? I'll blog that next...


Monday, 9 August 2010

A Penthouse Wall

Finally, the new art I got for The Penthouse wall is up and is staying up (as in, it doesn't fall off when a freight train goes past or I dance in the front room).  My pals clubbed together for them for my birthday! What do you think?

 A new camera doesn't make my photography skills any better!

Also, here's a picture of my favourite shoes. Darling, aren't they? I bought them for a date two years ago and haven't worn them since. Not sure why... today I love Love LOVE them!!

Proper update soon (promise!)


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Reasons for lack of blog posting

Everyone enjoys a photo/visual stimulus in a blog post. However.

My camera has disappeared. Sure, it was shit. Bought back in 2004 or something, 4 megapixels. But I had taken photos of a lovely package sent by Apryl of Meridian Ariel and now they have gone.

So I ordered a camera but the dick 'eds of PC World just didn't bother to tell me it was out of stock, so every day when the porter came into my office and I jumped up and down on my seat, my bouncing efforts were wasted. And precious photo taking time was wasted.

Anyway I have ordered another from Jessops and it's on its way. It's a simple one which seems to have a decent macro function. Hopefully.

Hope I'm back to blogging again soon, and I will re-photo the contents of the package, without wrapping :(