Thursday, 16 September 2010

Little packages sent and received

I do heart packages sent by post. Which is why I got annoyed at the failed swaps.  Anyway, Apryl of Meridien Ariel came to the rescue and send me some manga books and a lovely drawing and note which are currently tacked above my working desk.. It took me a while to choose what to send her and it appears she has received it!

In other surprise package related news today check this:

I do love a swizzle

I once sent one to her of a similar nature:

I'm getting an urge to buy some gorgeous stationery and write some snail mail!


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New! ToOtH RoT OrB NeCkLaCe

A delectable, delightful, delicious new necklace has joined the Tooth Rot Collection!

Perfect for sweet-toothed senoritas!


Saltaire Makers' Fair fun!

I've just spent the weekend selling at Saltaire Makers' Fair - part of Saltaire Festival. I was supposed to sell there last year... but as you may remember I was quite ill last September and had to cancel at the last minute.

I'm so glad I got there this year!

Here's a photo taken by Samantha. Here I am chatting to her boyfriend/my friend Marco. They were visiting  for the weekend from London Town.

The Tooth Rot Collection went down a real treat.

The Manga pendants in the Death By Comicide Collection flew off the cupcake stand!

And there's only two Locket Fuel Skull Lockets left! Grab them while you can!

I managed to catch up with Tracy of Ruby Spirit, her husband Kev of Dig The Earth, Paula of Wychbury who did a sterling job or organising the event, Leigh of Leigh Shepherd Designs, and many others... although, not Janet Street Porter, who came for a look but I didn't realise it was her...

Do you think my photos are improving? Still playing with the new camera...


Sunday, 12 September 2010

My magic garden gift!

Did you know I have an unfortunate inability to look after living things that do not cry when they need love, or ask for a drink when they are thirsty?

Look at this perfect gift I was recently given from a rather lovely someone, brought back from San Francisco! (I hope that's right). Isn't the packaging just amazing and kitsch?! I could frame this and put it on the wall!

You assemble the trees, plants and mountain, and water it with magic water, and it starts to grow instantly, and is fully grown in 10 hours! We didn't make it right away because I wanted us to grow it together and at a time when we could both be around to see it grow. So we did last weekend!




Isn't it beautiful? And it won't even die!

Perfect xoxo

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lists, lists, lists

I have been procrastinating for too long. Finally, after a refreshing weekend at Leeds Festival, I had a lay down for a while hoping to nap but it never happened. What did happen, was, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted my notebook and a pen.

I wrote a list of things that were made up and ready to sell.

I wrote a list of partially made things ready to sand and mount and so forth.

I wrote a list of paper-parts ready to be embedded into resin.

I wrote a list of cool display equipment I want to make and buy.

Then I wrote a list of how many more pieces I'd like to make by the time the Knitting and Stitching Show comes around.

Then I wrote a list of how many supplies I have ready to make these.

Then I wrote a list of what supplies I need to buy to make the rest.

Then I wrote my Christmas gift wish-list! I know it's a bit early but with all the Christmas stock planning I am doing, it seemed like a good idea at the time :)