Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I heart... Retro stripes

Ever since I saw my friends amazing attempt at lone decorating, where she radically hung her stripey wallpaper horizontally, I've been digging retro stripes.  Come see...

 Ooh how cosy does this look?

 I want this in my life and wardrobe so bad...

 Hope you love! 


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I heart... Very cherry!

Love the look - hate the taste, but who could resist these cherry-picked (sorry) lovelies from around the web...?

So retro! I just want to put on my 50s spotty dress and eat one of these whilst making 'ooh, gosh' expressions!


Friday, 7 January 2011

Blog play

I have had a little blog facelift - what do you think? I'm not sure about the font but can't find one that's just right.

For those of you reading the imported blog as 'notes' on Facebook - Blog link is here


Thursday, 6 January 2011

A baby step towards a big goal

Got this, yesterday:

Naff photo taken with phone. I've decided to put the college course on the backburner, as last time it wasn;t that great and £200 is a lot to waste when I have a book, access to learning materials and friends in the know!


Inspiration Station #1

My new spot - a collection of photos to whet my creative appetite...

1. Top left, 2. Top right, 3. Bottom left , 4. Bottom right



Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I heart... Oh deer!

I love deer paraphernalia. Here's some darling picks!

Vintage Bambi record and book from Blackbird Antiques on Etsy

Too too cute! 


Monday, 3 January 2011

Bank HOLLER!! day

The new year has been quite lovely so far. I haven't left the house but had some visitors, got started on some new projects and enjoyed my last few days of lazing around before the day job starts again.

Chill-out material - this is what I love to do when there's nothing I have to do

♥ Drawing with friends - My friend Jen called in with her girls Georgia and Izzy. I left out some paper and my colouring pencils and she drew me a picture of me and her, Izzy, Mummy and Daddy. George's two and a crafter artist in the making, for sure!

♥ A surprise! - Jen had a surprise for me - a dress I left in an online shopping cart on her computer! How lovely. It's a double gift because the belt is detachable and awesome. I'll blog this again when I wear it later in the month. Thank you very much Jennifer :)

♥ Thinking about new projects - I started to think about a new project. Here's sneaky peek at the gorgeous supplies, they are brilliant in colour, much better than I had anticipated when I ordered them. I think the final pieces will be really fun!

♥ Calorie counting - I downloaded this app 'My Fitness Pal' to my iPhone and I think it's going to be the key to weight loss success this year. Not only does it have loads of foods and brands already in the database, but it's easy to add new ones (only needed to do this once so far), and it seems to help that I have to think about what I put in my mouth all the time! It tracks your weight loss over time, too. Mmmmm Glorious Soup! I heart you, Marco Pierre White (in a sex way!)

Have you been enjoying quiet time? Or are you looking forward to getting back into the routine? I'm looking forward to the post being delivered on time again!


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Hello, 2011!

I'm so excited for another year of fun times with friends and family and KitschenSink! Here's a brief overview of my personal and professional goals...

♥ I want to save my money

I need to stop myself from ordering a take-away or buying a dress when that money could go towards a trip!

I want to see more of the world

I'm tempted to see if anyone in NYC wants to do an apartment swap... probably not but worth a try...?

I want to develop my creativity

I've enquired about an Adobe Illustrator course, let's hope there's spaces left! I've also ordered an 'Illustrator for Dummies book'.  I also want to develop my own drawing and illustration skills and journal more.

I hope to continue to think positively

It's not always easy, but I've dumped a lot of negative influences and wear blinkers when I'm with those that I have no choice about being around.  If I'm unhappy about something, I make a change. Sometimes it can't happen over night, but if you don't make an attempt, you have no right to moan!

I'd like to lose a few pounds

Yawnz. The problem is, there's nothing wrong with my self esteem. I'm happy with the way I look. But carrying around extra flabber isn't just about looks, it's about health too. I'm an 'average' dress size - 'average' in an ever expanding obese population, so 'average' isn't really OK. I'm going to do some fun exercise classes wearing harem trousers. Yeah, baby!

I want KitschenSink to be my bigger picture

I'm going to work hard on my business this year. Maximum exposure, big sales, fun times. That is all.

So that's six ideals. They're not SMART objectives. SMARTS are SECRETS!  Eek, I'm so excited about the future!

Have you blogged your goals? Link me up!