Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Silence is golden

I'm a girl of very few words at the moment. It's not like me at all. But rather than you think I fell off the face of the Earth, here's a few visuals of what I have been working on.

A few stacked flowers ready for a good glueing. You may notice these are on some fab Lego coasters my pal bought me as a house warming gift from Chicago. It was nearby when I was moving them into the make room and they stayed there for now. These will be stud earrings.

Stacked flowers that have been glued and now drying, awaiting their stud fixing. These will also become a pendant on a string of glossy black beads. The colours really change of these in the light, they can look really bright, like in these previous photo, or a sort of frosted finish in the shade. Either way I like them.

Some charms I made ready to be strung into bracelets. Modelled on the Yellow Pages!

Hope you like...


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Post Office whinge

Postmen are lazy. I should know, I was practically married to one. It's a joke, Pavos. Don't get hairiated.

I live in a block of flats (sounds gross, it's not) and when I first moved in I was throwing away some rubbish (flat-pack boxes, no doubt) I noticed some packages had been kindly left by the postman in a bin that around 50 people have access to. So like, because I'm nice and that, I didn't bury the packages under my rubbish. I took them inside the block and left it outside the flat door. The main door to the block locks so it was safe.

So from then on I decided I'd have any packages delivered to El Parental, I work full time and I don't want my packages leaving in a public place at the flat.

I made several orders while I was off work from various parts of the world. El Parentals had been away so I was checking the post for them at their house every couple of days. To cut a long story short I had one package re-delivered to a local Post Office, and another I left for my Ma to collect from the depot. So she went to collect from the depot and they say it's been redirected to the local Post Office. So she goes there and guess what? They haven't got it. That's because it's at the depot, it was a different package that had been redirected.

Just bloody lazy. And now I have to wait to get my supplies. I need my new supplies waaaaaaa.

You get a week for a signed item before they return to sender. What's the odds they f*ck up again and end up sending it back saying I never collected it.


Monday, 22 September 2008

Times of stress

Just so you don't think I have vanished off the face of the Earth - my day job is hardcore at the minute and I got back from a busy weekend and I'm close to burn out. My usualy Sunday tantrum occured today at 5.03pm, a little behind schedule but I didn't get chance on Sunday. So I'll blog proper later this week.

Hopefully I will debut a photo of some new stud earrings I have started to make. There will be matching necklaces at some point too. I will also fill you in on my recent goings on.

Until then, if you want to cheer me up, buy me this

For those who aren't aware of the Angel of the North, it's a sculpture that stands at the edge of the motorway near Gateshead, which is near Newcastle in northern England. "It is Britain's largest sculpture and believed to be the world's largest angel scupture."

And personally, I think it's 400 times better than those horrid All Saints belts. Eugh
Sorry no link, All Saints appear to have cleaned up their chav act.

Hearts xo

Friday, 19 September 2008

Schmoozie... and some advice please?

So last night a friend and I went to the big launch night of Artsmix @ the Loft . I had lots of questions ready to ask them. When we got there we were directed to get a drink upstairs, have a mingle, and then we'd get a tour.

A few wines from the free bar and a dip under the chocolate fountain (and a few mini workshire puddings) and we're wondering when this tour starts... it didn't seem to happen but there was some information out. We just enjoyed the drinks and a mingle!! So thanks Artsmix, and we'll I'll be back to you with the questions and look forward to applying for a stall!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Big Cartel or any other similar product: a website that allows you to open an account which gives you a shop (so in that way like etsy/folksy), and sell your wares WITHOUT the customer having to join as a member to that site.

Personally, I am trying to target buyers who want something unique but don't necessarily seem themselves as a fan of craft (conjures images of free thinking, tree hugging, fair trade sandal wearers - which I have no problem with before anyone gets offended). Alot of my friends (possibly should class them as acquiantances) want to buy my wares, but don't want to have to join and think up passwords and usernames and all that jazz... if they could just browse and shop as they would from, say, ASOS.com I reckon my sales would increase.

So yeah... you know of Big Cartel? Or Mr Site? Can you recommend anything like this?


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Score! Wahoooooooooooooo yip yip

I have been made a featured seller on Folksy!!

Folksy is a new site for UK makers, crafters and artisits to sell their wares. It's really exciting and nice to be able to sell in £. Currently it's in the BETA stage so they are listening good to everything we request which is really nice, and it's good to be part of something being built.

I only listed a few, and then today I got a personal email from an admin guy saying he had made me a featured seller -woohoo!! Here is the featured sellers bit. Think I am at the bottom because I am the newest. I will now appear on the front page with a shop view and a description etc (alternately with the others), plus as people browse I will come up every now again on the left with a mini shop view... I have been described as 'bonkers, beautiful'. I think I like it!

Here are my moment(s) of fame on the front page:

My next mission... rule the world! MWahahahahah xo

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

SaLtAiRe ArTs TrAiL / fEsTiVaL / OpEn HoUsEs

Just down the canal from where I live is a sexy little village called Saltaire. It's called Saltaire cos the fella who arranged to have it built was called Titus SALT and it was built on the River Aire. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site which basically means it's pretty great and has to be preserved so you can't really go changing owt on the houses if you live there. It recently got given the title 'Most uniquely British Tourist Attraction' by some guy working for Best Western Hotels. So it was on GMTV and everything.

Victoria Road, Saltaire. Art shops and tea rooms and ting

The fittest church ever (and where I'll get married when someone good enough comes along)

If you click on any of the links above you'll get a good insite into the history, but the short of it is that Sir Salt built the nice village for the workers of his mill to live in, so they had nice houses close to work, and he built a concert hall and all that jazz for them too. Proper nice. No pub though - no hangovers at work!! (There is now one pub in the old village called 'Don't Tell Titus').

Salts Mill is now a funky place with a permanent exhibtion of Bradford-born world famous artist David Hockney and some gorgeous shops. It's well worth a day trip.

Anyway... from 11-21 September is Saltaire Festival. There is plenty going on... follow the link. I thik the best thing about the festival is Saltaire Arts Trail (known by some as 'Open Houses'). Dotted around the village, home owners open their front doors to the general public and showcase and sell pieces of art. It's such a great way to explore the village and open your eyes to emerging local talent.

I think this weekend there is a continental market... mmm chorizo...

Get yourself down :)

One last thing - the resin turned out OK actually. So... pretty soon I am going to make a proper effort and make somat reet nice.

Hearts xo

Monday, 15 September 2008

qUiCk RaNt :-/

Flickr or whatever it's called, that's another place people seem to be doing their thing. Oh man I need to take another week off work to get my head around these places.

Just wanted to make a point, I am going to have to fill you in on Saltaire Festival tomorrow - I took some photos on my phone (so they won't be cracking) but I have no means of teleporting them into the poota, so I'll steal my mums wire tomorrow and then tell you all about it. Keep some space open in your diary for the weekend cos I promise you, you'll want to go.

So I had a play with some stuff last night. I got some epoxy resin to try, I had played with polyester resin a few times before but didn't like the results or the side effects. I had got these awesome skull and crossbones moulds. Trying to de-mold those tinkers made me perspire excessively. I know. And still they were quite, well, chewy. Practice makes perfect I guess. I have seen some great work in resin and it's my turn now!

I am tired and cranky because it was my first day back at work today after a week off and I have loads to do. I wish I could just craft day in, day out... my mum said I can when I have married a rich fella. Anyone know of any going spare [they also have to be skinny and nice. I'd quite like to love them as well as spend their money. Pah what I am on about I'm too busy for boys].

Hearts... xo

Sunday, 14 September 2008

... sTaLk mE...

I have added that 'follower' widget on the right, so do add me if you follow my blog. I was going to title it 'stalk me' but I thought it might put people without a sense of humour off... so currently it says 'follow me'. I use the term 'stalker' fairly loosely. Mainly because my friends say I am one. In a jovial way of course, I'm not dangerous. Also because I have had a few stalkers of my very own, it's most flattering O_o

I'm losing track of all these networking places for promoting my stuff. Of course there are my shops on Etsy and Folksy, then there is myspace, 'ning' where the Kistch @ Etsy team meet up, Blogger... there might be more... I just don't know I forget. I was thinking of opening up a fan page on Facebook, but I kinda get put off that people can write anything on your wall without being able to moderate it first.

Ooh yeah so another cool thing this week is that I was invited to the Kitsch @ Etsy team... which is great, there's lots of great work going on my its members and I am delighted and honoured to be placed in the same league as them. It'll be great to share some ideas and ting!

Also this week... I made my first sale. No feedback as yet, not sure if that will happen as it seems to be the buyers first purchase. I did send a thankyou card and noted the importance of feedback.. but... meh... never mind.

And finally... you may notice I have changed by banner, yet again... I'm still in the setting up process really and I thought it should reflect the overall shop appearence. I'm going to design my postcards and business cards in a similar way. In fact here is my design idea for the postcards to have out at upcoming craft fairs... I'd love to know what you think?

Yesterday I went to the Saltaire Festival/Arts Trail/Open houses. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow, because it's on next weekend too and I really think you should go, it's an amazing find!

Hearts xo

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Proud as punch and feeeeling goooood

So after my Sunday tantrum (I have tantrums every Sunday, although times of day differentiate) I bounced back with almighty creativity in my bones. It can be, and has been said by most closest and mostest, that there is a confirmed correlation between boys and my creativity. That's all I am saying on that, the end.

So I gave my general photography and descriptions on Etsy and image overhall. I was just taking photos on the usual white background and thought to myself 'this is wack'. I just so happened to have a comic by me (used for the purses). As soon as I put a ring on it I knew I loved it. So I have gone listing crazy, doing a couple in a morning and a couple in the evening to capture UK/US browsers. I have been hearted by loads more people since this, so it's obviously working.... I could just do with some sales now!

I also said I would post up some photos of the packaging I use at the fairs... so here ya go...

It's really got me cracking on the making side as well... I am just doing some lego drop earrings. I have also just about completed a heavy charm bracelet but I am waiting on getting sorm more ornamental features for it. It's cute though. Just you wait and see...

Hearts xox

Monday, 8 September 2008

The one with a severed doll's head

I can't believe how long I spent today ordering supplies for the 'Marjorie Loves...' range. This will be jewellery and accessories for the 'more classy kitschy customer'. It'll be of a vintage, pretty nature, it will of course still be kistchy and be of the childhood memories theme! I need to get on with some making!

Back in the early jewellery making days I made these bracelets from Barbie's heads, reminiscent of Pheobe Buffay's Gladys (from The One with Ross's Grant). Yeah they were gross. I might still have one somewhere. But check these beauties. I love them! They're by margauxlange and she does all the metalsmithing and everything! What a find.

I'm off to make. Hearts x

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Goal swap

OK so I just had a quick looksie for the Legos I'm trying to source and it's totally not working out for me. Anyway. I'm all Lego'd out. Making the Lego rings, cufflinks and so forth... it's not the most dreative process, but they sell well so they are a great staple stall item. So I am putting that on the back burner for a bit and I'm going to source some other stuff...

... I don't want to give too much away now. But a clue... think about a best selling 80s toy...

... O_o check out this artwork by Invader.What fun! I like these artists who are masked and leave their marks all over. So you have probably guessed what my next idea will incorporate but you don't really know what I am making... and it's just part of it really...

Hearts... x

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Scores and Goals!

So it was the Staff Festival yesterday. I was fairly bummed out because the weather was awful, and last year (the first ever staff festival) it was glorious. We work on a really nice campus so when the sun is shining people can just get a pint and mill around and mooch the stalls.

Anyway, it went well, considering. And it was really nice to talk to some of the other staff who make stuff. There were some really good, quality products. It was a shame about the venue, it was in an arcade and the lighting wasn't right cracking. Here's a photo of my (half!) stall on the day:

Something really exciting happened (and some distressing moments which I won't go into here). I was approached by a staff lady from Artsmix Market. I have been to their outdoor events before, but never really considered holding a stall, reasons being: 1) Leeds is cold outside 2) Everything looks wowser professional 3) I'm scared. The lady explained that they are now going indoors to the Loft in Leeds. They are hoping to create an alternative to the now closed down Corn Exchange.

[History and opinion bit: Well for more proper history see my link above, but I have been enjoying the shooping experience the Corn Exchanged offered since c.1995, every shop was cutting edge, we'd giggle in the Condom Shop then schock ourselves at the clothes they sold in Grin (goth shop) then drool over amazing shoes in some other shop and buy beads from Yum Yum. On weekends they had stalls from other independant makers/deigners/artists. It really was the talking point when conversing about shopping in Leeds. They closed it down to make a food emporium. Twats. Read more about why it's closed down here. Going back 10 years or so, there always used to be reports of how every weekend, train loads of London folks were heading to Leeds for the weekend, for it's diverse shopping scene in a concentrated area and range of nightlife. Well... well done. Leeds is starting to look like every other highstreet in the UK]

So yeah... I'd really like to be involved in this. It's great netowrking opportunity and it feels great to be wanted! Something tells me I'm going to be very busy. So I have written some goals and really need to make a time plan too. I'm off work next week so...

Next weeks' targets:
  • Make time plan
  • Source orange Lego
  • Source lime Lego
  • Source pink Lego
  • Source Lego plates (for a new design!)
  • Photograph and list Lego jewellery on Etsy
  • Get some listings on Folksy (repeats of Etsy)
  • Source tie clips
  • Order bracelet blanks
  • Make - according to my time plan
  • Pick up my curtains and hang them and tidy Making Room (new shelves!)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wipe out

Woah... I am in grave danger of burn out. It's been a manic week. I am working to the deadline of a craft fair this Friday, the one at work. It's kinda worse because everyone sort of gets to peer inside your personal life, which they wouldn't normally get to do. I keep my private life and work life as seperate as I possibly can.

I also have the deadline of some family going away and want to get my designing and making room ready ASAP so there is also room for a guest futon in there.

So now I have my price signs ready, 'story of my brand' sign, I have mocked up a layout in the front room of the stall. I have decided to just put one of each thing out and get the surplus stock bagged up, so all that's done.

Over the weekend I'll upload some photos of the stall so check back! I'll also photograph the packaging etc I have gone for. It all matters. I made some business cards too but there is no colour on them, I'll improve them for next time.

I'd love to go to this 'Dr Sketchy Anti-Art School', of course it's in London though. I wish there was more going off like that up here... ah well, it could be worse...
I used to live in Scarborough :-S

I'd have liked to put some photo's up... but I'm far too tired! I promise the next will be more visual!

Hearts x