Thursday, 11 February 2010

Crap Copycat

Have you heard about ASOS ripping off a Lady Luck Rules OK design? It's a really shit rip-off, too. Look.

Image from LLROK

Read more about what went on here.  So I have added ASOS to my boycott list.

The day after, I heard from my Twitter friend Vintage Violet about another big name that's ripped off an indie's work.

This time it's Paperchase who have ripped off the wonderful work of Hide n Seek .

Left: Work of Hidden Eloise/Hide n Seek; right: Paperchase rip-off (image from Print & Pattern)

Read more about Eloise's fight and how you can help her, quite easily, here.

It's difficult for me to understand.  When I sell my work, it's not the money in my hand that satisfies me (although the fur coats/shoes/handbags I buy with it does!). It's more the feeling when someone likes your idea and what you have made so much that they are happy to part with their hard-earned cash to wear it and call it their own.  If I'd copied a design, I wouldn't get that at all.

I bet this goes on a whole lot more than we realise.  I guess we have to hope that if any of our designer/maker peers, friends or fans notice our work being copied, they will let us know.  It's important we stick together and boycott those companies that copy smaller designers without credit for their own gain.

Hopefully a more cheery post next time!


Update: It's just a few hours after I wrote this post. Hidden Eloise's story has made the national news and Paperchase's latest statement says 

"Above all, we would like to apologise to any customers upset or angered by this allegation against us. Paperchase takes all reasonable precautions to check that designs we source or buy from individual designers or agencies are from reputable sources. In this case, we would like to confirm that Paperchase bought the artwork in question, in good faith, in October 2008, from a well-known central London Design Studio along with a number of other designs.

The illustrator who is making the allegation made us aware of her concerns in November 2009 and we duly responded to her in early December, since when we had heard nothing….until today. Back in November 2009, we spoke at length to the Design Studio in question and they categorically denied any plagiarism.

It is worrying that such an allegation can create such reaction and again, Paperchase apologises for any ill-feeling caused".

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