Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hey, Russell, can I get a RT?

So me and my adventure-homie Andrew just went to a book signing by Russell Kane.  If you didn't already know, Russell has been rocking his POW pin on all the TV shows.  Graham Norton Christmas Special, Georgie Shore and Britain Unzipped, to mention a few.

Russell gave a talk on the book (it's not an auto-biography, it's a novel) and answered questions. Ooh he is a funny lad!!  Then he signed all the books and had a quick chat.  As a thank you for giving the POW some love, I know Russell loves a curry, so I gave him a jar of Aagrah sauce. I deliberated of Achari and Hydrabadi - I should have got both but I was playing it cool... so I went for Achari as it seemed like a hotter choice? Hmm.

Anyway he was very pleased (not that you'd tell from the photo...) and he totes loved the jewelz.  And I got a retweet!


P.S the shop is shut for a few days whilst I jet off somewhere cool (but warm, hopefully). In a bit!


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