Tuesday, 29 June 2010

This Saturday: On The Wall - Leeds

Two more sleeps til the launch of the new collection! Eeep!  There'll be a giveaway to mark the occasion!

This Saturday 3rd July I'll be selling all the usual colourful, kitschy, funky and fun jewellery and also the new collection... "Forecast of Fun". You should be excited. Everyone who has seen it loves it...

Come see me downstairs at On The Wall, Boar Lane, Leeds, this Saturday



Thursday, 24 June 2010

No more swaps (sad face)

Two out of two swaps failing for me ain't a good enough statistic.  I set myself various goals at the start of each year and one was to take part in a swap. Well, I have tried, and failed. Not my fault.

You may remember I took part in a resin swap earlier in the year. I duly sent a rather magnificent package to Australia. Unfortunately she did not return the favour. Pennydog, who organised the swap did send me some lovely things (including a rose ring and a resin mould) so I didn't feel left out, but I just didn't feel like I'd participated properly.

So, next, the Perfect Package Project caught my eye. I was assigned a partner and emailed her to find out her interests etc. She replied, but then when I asked for her address to send the package she didn't reply. So that's that! I have barely any spare time at all, and I'm certainly not wasting any more... shame, as it all sounded so much fun...

... busy busy working towards CRAFTACULAR!! Woo!


Friday, 18 June 2010

I heart - Little Red Riding Hood

I'm a fan of all the trad fairy tales, and a personal favourite is Red Riding Hood, because I used to visit my Grandma daily (although I didn't have to trek through the woods, I did used to worry some sort of baddy might have got her because she lived alone).  Here's some Red Riding Hood related lusts:

Little Red Riding Hood Graphic Art Print - what could be more perfect for display in the studio?



Thursday, 17 June 2010

Quick birthday blogpost - a surprise!

It's sunny outside and it's a super day because I am one year older!! I am super happy today, 2009 was pretty crap - I'm pretty content with how everything is and right now I'm celebrating on my own - I ate waffles with fresh strawberries and fromage frais for breakfast... then I watched some trash on TV, then I sat in the sun...

... then I logged on to Facebook and saw amongst many messages -

Happy birthday , seen your article in Living Magazine. Very impressive, congratulations. X

Well I got dressed and hot footed it to Sainsbury's where I know they stock them... and look!


 And finally, here's me telling it like it is....

I'm so looking forward to tea at The Tapas Tree with all my pals this evening! Oh and before I go - crafters should love this! Kate P made this card for me whilst staying at a different house. She had no tape or glue and it's held together with blue tack and paper clips! It's totally ace. If you read the article in Company magazine, you'll understand...

I got lots of other ace cards and gifts, which I may share later, if I have any tapas tales.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

BUST Summer Craftacular: London - Eek!!

Before I go into saleswoman mode about the event - I am just too too excited to be part of this. I will be in the same room as... like... the Tatty Devine people, Bonbi Forest, Hatastic and many many more very cool designer/makers... eek! I will also get to meet many of my London-folk Twitter friends which is awesome too.

Shop. Craft. Dance!

12 midday – 7:00pm
York Hall, 5-15 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PJ 

An indie shopping mall in York Hall! With DJs, drinks, DIY and an alternative food court of sweet and savoury treats. 
SHOP: over 60 stalls of the hippest in handmade.
CRAFT: fashion a fascinator headpiece with The Make Lounge*; screen-print a tote bag with Mr Wingate; colour in your own jewellery with Tatty Devine.
DANCE: DJs include The A-Maisonettes, The Vinyl Vendettas, She Runs With Wolves (Ladyfest Ten); then learn to Lindy Hop, Charleston or Jitterbug with a special beginners class by Swing Patrol from 5.30 to 7pm. 

Goodie bags for the first 100 through the door, raffle and more. Admission: £2. *Sign up for the fascinator-making workshops (1pm-2.30pm and 4pm-5.30pm) on the day, places limited. 

Independently owned and operated, BUST Magazine has been a leader in the crafting movement since 1993. Now in its 16th year, BUST continues to support and influence the handmade revolution though constant editorial coverage, sponsorships, and events such as the BUST Craftacular. Always on the cutting-edge, BUST is a revered and trusted authority in the DIY and crafting community.
York Hall is located just 2 minutes from Bethnal Green Tube Station, opposite the V&A Museum of Childhood. 

See you there I hope!


Sunday, 13 June 2010

TestSpace finale and more good news? Cripes!

Yo yo yooooooooo!!!

This weekend I have been hanging out at TestSpace again... I could get used to this.. I mainly sat on my behind watching the talented guys of Best Joined Up illustrate and paint amazing things on the wall. Hayfever is causing incredible drowsiness for me, so I think I appeared a bit zonked on Saturday. I enjoyed it nonetheless!
 Fab art

 Arts Market Girrllllzzz

Folks young and old were invited to illustrate. Can you tell where Ella got her inspiration?


The good news? I've only gone and been picked to sell at BUST Magazine Summer Craftacular!! More to follow - I think that requires a seperate post!


Friday, 11 June 2010

Colourful Kitschy etc etc window display finds

The window displays of Leeds are pretty cool. Just lately Mary Shortle has been catching my eye. Check these!

Sorry the shutters are down on this but you get te idea!

Inspirational... xoxo

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Busy busy time - the WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING part

Mainly busy doing TestSpace which has been Test Ace and working on the new collection!

TestSpace Opening Night - Friday June 4th

 All photos taken from TestSpace Facebook pages.

What a fun fun night! I finished work early and headed straight for Crash Records. Here's Lizzie who did a marvelous job of shop girl for the evening.

Kate joined me later on, we watched a few bands including Charlie Bath and Laura J Martin who was amazing!

After the Crash opening events we headed up to 42 New Briggate where the participation fun was in full swing! Here's the back of me toying with the idea of doodling. I did doodle.

None of these are my doodles. I drew some fruit (apple, pear and pineapple)

Here you can see Kate and I checking out the super papercut work of Mr Yen.

On sale was some very cool work, including...

Steph Says Hello (I have reserved one of her prints, too too cool)

I attended a presentation from the maker of Bunny which was interesting and funny

I had such a fun time at all the events. And all the clever folks involved are locals! I do love Leeds.  I met some awesome people including Elly who writes an interesting blog and also contributes to Culture Vultures, Giles who does photography, and Debi Holbrook, to whom I have offered my hair in the name of art.

So what's all this about the new collection

Well. It's colourful, kitschy, funky and fun! They're in a differnet medium to what I have used previously.  I've had a few different folks working with me on it.  I've been trialling a couple and wearing them myself, and unoficially selling a few bits at TestSpace and they're proving popular. It's all very exciting and all will be revealed on July the 1st when I'll be hosting a giveaway from the collection to get the ball rolling! Wahoo! I am tired!!


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Busy busy time - the GOOD NEWS part

Well '30 Days' appears to have been abandoned. I think it was the thought of describing a day, week and month in detail. I'm a busy be, it'd have taken forever!

Where do I start? Some good news in a listed format perhaps? Even a few visuals.

1) I am so excited that I have won a spot at this year's Knitting and Stitching Show! It's a four day event in November at Harrogate International Centre. Wahoo!

2) I have been accepted to sell at Saltaire Arts Trail this September which is ace because love Saltaire and I love the arts trail and I was too ill to exhibit last year. Fingers crossed for this year!

3) I was approached by an independent magazine to be featured, which started off as awesome news but quickly turned in to 'OK then, if you take out an ad...'.  Kind of skews the credibility of a magazine that basically reports on those who are paying for a spot. Not cool.

4) I have been selling my new collection unofficially over the last few days at TestSpace (more to follow) and it's been getting great feedback!
5) I'm going to give the craft market at On The Wall in Leeds a go in July... see what that's like. That's July 3rd, write it in your diaries, please and thank you.

6) One of my bezzies just pushed another baby out and it's called Izzy and it's a girl! I'm going for a visit on my birthday next week and I am very excited to meet her.

7) I went out for drinks last week and a girl told me I look like 'you know, that Florence'. Thanks love. She was pretty drunk, like. But kind of her to say.
Flo / Ro

 Another post soon about TestSpace and the new collection... oooh


Friday, 4 June 2010

Just checking out some keywords from Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks the visitors to my blog and wesbite. I don't know who you are by name of course, or what street you live on. But I know what cities you came from and how you found your way here. It helps so I know if any advertising campaign works, and is also how I found out about my copycat

Look at what someone Googled to find their way to my blog!

Haha! Aww ♥ ♥ ♥

...Busy busy...

Back soon xoxo