Monday, 22 February 2010

Using my stalking capabilities for good not harm: The final word on the copycat

I have said before, I am sure I have, that I am a good old stalker.  Sometimes I like to call it 'research', sometimes it call it 'networking'. Some say I have great detective skills and that I should set honey traps for cheating husbands. I digress.

I contacted Julian myself to ask if he would tell me who the 'designer' was he said he paid (in the US). He said the case was in the hands of his attorney.  OK love, tell me your attorney's details. No response.

Paul, my website designer, has written a blog post on how our website was ripped off.  You ought to read it. It's the story from his point of view and has some page shots of Julian's website compared to mine.

Interestingly I noticed a comment from Carl who is the techy man for the website saying that the code was stolen on January 25th.  That gave me an idea.  I'd have the culprits footprints all over my Google Analytics, surely? Sure did. Four visits from Buenos Aires on 25th January.  But how did he know about my fab site that's so freakin' awesome it makes folks wanna copy it? Analytics told me that too... via a page from Six Revisions, bigging us up for the retro colour scheme. Coincidence? Doubt it.

And the 'designer' in the US? There was also a visit from Michigan that day who also came via the Six Revisions article. It mightn't be related, I get a lot of traffic from that article. 

It could have been a case for Mulder and Scully back in the day but technology has advanced enough to let old David Duchovny get on with some sex scenes. The truth was out there, and I reckon I got to it all by myself.

I'd have appreciated a proper apology from Julian whereby he admitted what he did and played ignorance to the fact you're not really supposed to copy without permission, but I guess at the end of the day, he took it down, and that's what matters!



Unknown said...

wow, didn't know about any of this, go Miss Marple! will go back to see some of the links now.....

did you see all the stuff about paperchaise and @hiddeneloise and also another website and topshop. They are all at it, and people who should know much better, too....

Unknown said...

ok, just read kidd81's post. in.cred.ible!

Heather Leavers said...

MMMM, thanks for putting that pic of david duchovny in my head ;-)

pretty hard to deny that staggering level of copying.

Unknown said...

You even have the (natural ) red hair like scully! Kenny and I joked only last week like you are a dog with a bone when it comes to stuff like this! And the old google analytics digging proves this! :) bravo miss grant! All what you have unearthed is far from co-incidence... I can't stop thinking about it! Even now! :( x

Apryl said...

it is just rediculous. Way to go for the sleuthing and that the copycat has taken the site down. One thing to be inspired by a site you like but to take ecerything and do it exactly the same is just pathetic and lazy.

mmm mulder *sighs*