Monday, 31 October 2011

That was October...

Phew - it's been super busy - here's what I've been diddling this month:

♥ ReetSweet at the Corn Exchange
Such a fun day hanging out with all the Reetsweet traders and Louis who cuts coins, who is a very cool guy!  I went for drinks with some of the traders after which was super fun!

♥ Calzone Challenge
I went to local Italian Restaurant with my new colleagues for the Calzone Challenge initiation ceremony to the team. I passed!

♥ Renegade London
I took a trip to London to visit SamARTha and Marco.  We had drinks just off Brick Lane is the tres cool Mason and Taylor before taking a very long journey back to Crouch End pretty late in the night!  On Sunday we went back to Brick Lane to the first ever Renegade Craft Fair in Truman's Brewery.  This time around I wanted to sound it out - the £300+ price tag for a space put me off trading at this - their first event in this country.  We caught up with Kim (and sat on the same train home) of Finest Imaginary who said she'd had a great weekend. There were some awesome illustration, jewellery, textiles and everything else handmade. Good timez.  We hung out in Leon in Spitalfields Market for a while and it was lovely to catch up!  The guys who worked there were flirty in a really odd way!

Samantha discovers what she identified as a lamp is actually a weird poster, in Mason and Taylor

I drink my coffee from a paper cup and my cake from a paper bag at Leon

♥ Craftea
I've been hanging out with some local fashion forward crafters lately at Dock Street Market, which is great fun. I will introduce you to them very soon when they get their websites up and running - watch this space you'll love them. I do!

♥ Be Inspired... with Eric Musgrave
As part of Sheffield Fashion Week I attended a presentation and question and answer session by Eric Musgrave and David Seabourne.  Eric Musgrave is a very dapper gentleman indeed, and so he would be, having 31 years experience on the fashion industry and also editing FHM back in the day!  Eric is passionate about keeping fashion manufacturing British - which was totally inspiring.  David Seabourne presented on his ladies wear label. Interesting he does not manufacture in Britain and outsources to Turkey. It was interesting to hear how he exclusively shares fabric with big names such as Gucci and has exclusivity to vintage Pucci prints.

♥ My best friend's hen do
My bezzie is getting married on Bonfire Night! I have the honour of being her bridesmaid and organised her low key hen party.  She was keen it wasn't tacky and kept a fairly quiet affair, so we had a great time over in Kobe in Horsforth.  They looked after the 25 of us really well and Michelle had a good time!  We plied her with lots of champagne, so she doesn't remember a lot of the night which is probably a good thing!

  Fun with friends at Kobe for low key hen celebrations

♥ Leeds City Centre Art Market (Artsmix)
I spent a Saturday in the cold to sell at Artsmix market on Albion Place in Leeds City Centre. It was a really fun day with Carla from MausHaus. We sold out things ate Pom Bear and drank tea with chocolate hobnobs! I bought some thermal tights in advance and didn't get too too cold.

 Stall at Albion Place in Leeds

Launch of Kapow Collection Mini-Pins
I added some mini-pin badges in the Kapow and Pow designs so that guys could enjoy them as much as the girls!

Booth Club
I go to this photography club - it runs every couple of months in an evening. The format is that a theme is given ('pissed' was the first) and you take a photograph on the theme and present it at a slide show on the night. It's really cool - I haven't submitted anything as yet and regret it on the night!

♥ Accepted to BUST Craftacular
I found out I had been accepted to BUST Christmas Craftacular which is super cool - I know it's tough getting in to trade at that, and I will be alongside some big names like Tatty Devine which makes me feel very excited and proud all at one time.

♥ Hair colour
I had my hair coloured and you can read about it in the post here

November is going to be super busy...argh!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Chestnut hair

I had my hair coloured! It's a little darker than I had anticipated but I think it's going to look gorgeous for my best friends wedding this coming weekend, where I will be a bridesmaid.  After that I think I'll put a more orangy colour of it to brighten it.  What do you think?

For the wedding I decided I am going to have an updo - a la SATC Carrie Bradshaw...

 The colour scheme for the wedding is black and gold, so I am going to make my own hair accessory with a giant foam rose in gold.  Still waiting for it to arrive though! Eek!  Also have eyelash extensions applied for the first time and can't wait to see what that looks like. It's going to be such a fun bonfire night!


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Thursday, 27 October 2011


Last week I got some of the most exciting news all year (Kitschen Sink wise)...(oh to hell, in all ways!)... I was accepted to sell at

BUST London Craftacular 
27th November 12pm-6pm, York Hall, 5-15 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green LONDON!

If you haven't heard of Craftacular before, where you been at?! 

What they say...

About BUST:

"With an attitude that is fierce, funny, and proud to be female, BUST provides an uncensored view on the female experience. BUST tells the truth about women's lives and presents a female perspective on pop culture. BUSTing stereotypes about women since 1993.

Independently owned and operated, BUST Magazine has been a leader in the crafting movement since 1993. Now in its 18th year, BUST continues to support and influence the handmade revolution though constant editorial coverage, sponsorships, and events such as the BUST Magazine Craftacular. Always on the cutting-edge, BUST is a revered and trusted authority in the DIY and crafting community."

About Craftacular:

SHOP, CRAFT, DANCE AND MAKE MERRY at the BUST magazine Christmas Craftacular, with over 70 stalls of the hottest in handmade, DJs, drinks and DIY workshops.

What I say:

I can't wait to be part of this spectacular event! The cream of the nation's crafting crop, top workshops and cool DJs spinning the discs all day.  I am so happy to honoured to have been picked to sell here! 

 See you there! 


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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Kitschen Sink Christmas Tour

This is it!  A goal I set at the beginning of this year was to take Kitschen Sink on tour. I haphazardly decided to open a shop in March and it got postponed, but what better time to target but Christmas gift shoppers for a mini tour!


Come along and say hello to me at one of the following events - I love nattering so ask me (almost) anything!

Saturday 22nd  - Albion Place Art Market - Leeds City Centre

Tuesday 8th - Reet Sweet at Leeds University Union - Riley Smith Hall, University of Leeds
Saturday 12th - Albion Place Art Market - Leeds City Centre
Saturday 19th - Super Duper Fair - Floral Hall, Winter Gardens, Blackpool
Sunday 27th - BUST Craftacular - York Hall, Bethnal Green, London

Saturday 3rd - Designers Marketplace - Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt
Sunday 4th - Reet Sweet at the Corn Exchange, Leeds
Sat/Sun 10/11th - London TBC
Saturday 17th - Albion Place Art Market - Leeds City Centre


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Monday, 17 October 2011

Skull and Cross Buns: Custom Made Supplies #1

Aaahh I proper love stationery! Just something sexy about paper and pens isn't there?

So I am super lucky to be friends with Paul Jamie Kidd of Kidd81 - a creative designer who created some awesome branding for Kitschen Sink.  He's given me all the graphics I need to look super swanky - but I like to keep it a bit DIY and the handmade feel of everything I do alive using the graphix he's given me....

So when it came to thinking about paper bags and envelopes I decided to get a custom stamp made - hand made!! I have bought a couple of Skull and Cross Buns rubber stamps before and decided to take the plunge and get a custom stamp of my logo made.  What do you think?

I am very happy indeed.  I might make the envelopes a little more festive with the other stamps when the time is right!

I have another custom made supply (sort of) coming soon - I can't wait to get it, and to show you!


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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mini KAPOW Collection Pins Debut

I've been locked away cooking up some stuff for all the markets I have planned on the lead up to Christmas... here's a peek at one...

Mini KAPOW Collection Pins - perfect for fellas!

The idea came from a male friend of mine (photos may follow) who asked for one.  Quite a few blokes said they liked the Kapow Collection and asked for something more laddish! So - here's what we came up with.  The colours were chosen by him too - and I double checked on Twitter and tweets confirmed these were good 'lad' colour (sorry to stereotype!).

The Mini Kapow Collection Pins are currently exclusive to my real-life stall only - online availability coming soon!  Do you like my new paper bags in the background?

These will debut at my shared stall with Carla from Maus Haus this Saturday 22nd October at Albion Place in Leeds City Centre.  Come say hi and p-p-p-pick-up a Kapow Pin!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

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