Friday, 19 February 2010

Double booked...

... and I'm f*cked!

I'm so tired. I have double booked KitschenSink. Not by accident.  Next week I am selling at the University of Leeds Fair Trade Fair, which is always a great event and I get a good deal being a member of staff there.  Here's some visuals, please do come along, it's open to the public.

I also wanted to be involved in the Designers Marketplace Pop-Up Shop in Middlesbrough, and the deadline for me to get the bulk of stock to them is 24th of this month, so I am creating a replica of my current stock (which I have done on and off for months) in the space of a few days. Plus I have to attach them all to cards or make boxes, create signage, write up a delivery note and actually get it all to the post office...

If you're in the area, make sure you get yourself down in the earliest weeks as the scheme won't necessarily run for the whole two months, it depends onthe uptake of concessions.

There'll be some very cool goods there though, there always is, including the debut of the anchor pins I have been working on for a while.  Mould taken from an original vintage piece,  cast in resin and available in a selection of bubblegum colours, these are really ace!

Add all this busy-ness to the fact that I also have three Business Link courses to attend next week... I'll certainly be ready for a slice of birthday cake for my little one-year-old friend's party and a large glass of wine at my not-so-little 27 year old's birthday party on Saturday!

It's 'all go' down at the Penthouse...


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