Saturday, 6 September 2008

Scores and Goals!

So it was the Staff Festival yesterday. I was fairly bummed out because the weather was awful, and last year (the first ever staff festival) it was glorious. We work on a really nice campus so when the sun is shining people can just get a pint and mill around and mooch the stalls.

Anyway, it went well, considering. And it was really nice to talk to some of the other staff who make stuff. There were some really good, quality products. It was a shame about the venue, it was in an arcade and the lighting wasn't right cracking. Here's a photo of my (half!) stall on the day:

Something really exciting happened (and some distressing moments which I won't go into here). I was approached by a staff lady from Artsmix Market. I have been to their outdoor events before, but never really considered holding a stall, reasons being: 1) Leeds is cold outside 2) Everything looks wowser professional 3) I'm scared. The lady explained that they are now going indoors to the Loft in Leeds. They are hoping to create an alternative to the now closed down Corn Exchange.

[History and opinion bit: Well for more proper history see my link above, but I have been enjoying the shooping experience the Corn Exchanged offered since c.1995, every shop was cutting edge, we'd giggle in the Condom Shop then schock ourselves at the clothes they sold in Grin (goth shop) then drool over amazing shoes in some other shop and buy beads from Yum Yum. On weekends they had stalls from other independant makers/deigners/artists. It really was the talking point when conversing about shopping in Leeds. They closed it down to make a food emporium. Twats. Read more about why it's closed down here. Going back 10 years or so, there always used to be reports of how every weekend, train loads of London folks were heading to Leeds for the weekend, for it's diverse shopping scene in a concentrated area and range of nightlife. Well... well done. Leeds is starting to look like every other highstreet in the UK]

So yeah... I'd really like to be involved in this. It's great netowrking opportunity and it feels great to be wanted! Something tells me I'm going to be very busy. So I have written some goals and really need to make a time plan too. I'm off work next week so...

Next weeks' targets:
  • Make time plan
  • Source orange Lego
  • Source lime Lego
  • Source pink Lego
  • Source Lego plates (for a new design!)
  • Photograph and list Lego jewellery on Etsy
  • Get some listings on Folksy (repeats of Etsy)
  • Source tie clips
  • Order bracelet blanks
  • Make - according to my time plan
  • Pick up my curtains and hang them and tidy Making Room (new shelves!)

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Fibrespace said...

I wondered what was happening to the corn exchange, last time i went it was dead!! i used to have a stall there a few years ago when i lived in leeds. I'd love to know how you get on at the loft, I might give it a go later on next year (when my youngest is at school full time.