Monday, 8 September 2008

The one with a severed doll's head

I can't believe how long I spent today ordering supplies for the 'Marjorie Loves...' range. This will be jewellery and accessories for the 'more classy kitschy customer'. It'll be of a vintage, pretty nature, it will of course still be kistchy and be of the childhood memories theme! I need to get on with some making!

Back in the early jewellery making days I made these bracelets from Barbie's heads, reminiscent of Pheobe Buffay's Gladys (from The One with Ross's Grant). Yeah they were gross. I might still have one somewhere. But check these beauties. I love them! They're by margauxlange and she does all the metalsmithing and everything! What a find.

I'm off to make. Hearts x

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