Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Post Office whinge

Postmen are lazy. I should know, I was practically married to one. It's a joke, Pavos. Don't get hairiated.

I live in a block of flats (sounds gross, it's not) and when I first moved in I was throwing away some rubbish (flat-pack boxes, no doubt) I noticed some packages had been kindly left by the postman in a bin that around 50 people have access to. So like, because I'm nice and that, I didn't bury the packages under my rubbish. I took them inside the block and left it outside the flat door. The main door to the block locks so it was safe.

So from then on I decided I'd have any packages delivered to El Parental, I work full time and I don't want my packages leaving in a public place at the flat.

I made several orders while I was off work from various parts of the world. El Parentals had been away so I was checking the post for them at their house every couple of days. To cut a long story short I had one package re-delivered to a local Post Office, and another I left for my Ma to collect from the depot. So she went to collect from the depot and they say it's been redirected to the local Post Office. So she goes there and guess what? They haven't got it. That's because it's at the depot, it was a different package that had been redirected.

Just bloody lazy. And now I have to wait to get my supplies. I need my new supplies waaaaaaa.

You get a week for a signed item before they return to sender. What's the odds they f*ck up again and end up sending it back saying I never collected it.



Mod and Mint said...

Oh those people at the postoffice! I can get so annoyed too, at my PO box post office they often are too lazy to leave a note that there is a package for me! So i don't know i have to go to the window to pick it up! If i don't ask about it they will send it back to sender after a while. Annoying.

Tizzalicious said...

So frustrating! I have had a lot of problems with that too :S

Pippa said...

I HATE Royal Mail with an intense passion. We had a load of our post shoved in the recycling bin a couple of months ago. It's not like I was even out of the house - they were just plain lazy! But at least it was dry in there - not like when they just leave it in the porch. ARGH! Don't get me started on the postal service - they turn me into a hateful person so it's best I put them out of my mind. Nice blog, by the way!