Friday, 8 August 2008

Goals and joys, home & away

Lucky you - I'm trying to keep my posts short and sweet.

My ultimate aim is to own a craft shop - as in what sells materials and so forth, but marketed to a funky indie crowd rather than those who knit teacosies (without irony) or make train models. Ideally, it would have a tea room area where I'd sell cup cakes with multi coloured sprinkles. I'd also like it to have some gallery/selling space for works made from supplies I sold, and some room for workshops. I'd have coffee morning and knit with the grannies.

Anyway recently I got taken to The Bowery in Headingley, Leeds. It's nice to see this is already going on, and fairly locally too. It doesn't sell crafting supplies but it does showcase some excellent local talent. I saw some gorgeous silver jewellery by Laura Creer I will purchase when I have some dollar, which will probably be in about 4 years time! I have hearted her in my etsy for the time being.

The Make Lounge in London also looks really cool, it's a bit far for me I think! Maybe when I visit Kate P when she comes home we'll take a trip there.

Today I am well chuffed because I am hearted as a seller and by items! Yay!

Bye :)

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Littleclouds said...

Ahh that is like my dream! I would love to make a space like that too but I would like to add a studio so I could work & make stuff there & then sell it all in the same space :)

but then I also want a dog, a cat, micro pig, some chickens & my boyfriend wants a duck so I don't know how all of that combined would work hmm?!