Monday, 16 August 2010

What's cooking in the Kitschen?

I have been too too busy! Lack of posting due to camera disappearance plus the fact I am on the computer all day at the 9-5 at the moment, I just don't want to blog when I get home....

I went to London a couple of weeks ago to visit my friend Tommy and his new fiancee Anne.  We went to an art festival I have been meaning to go to since I first heard about it

I strongly urge you to go if you're around there next year.

I've planned and booked a trip to Barcelona with a couple of my girl-friends. It's not til March but it was cheap and there's plenty of time to save up... I can't wait! I'm going to buy a guide book and stick stars all over where I want to see!

KitschenSink-wise I've been mainly making more Tooth Rot stock.  It's very popular at the minute. I've experimented on a few variations and can't wait to show you! From the experimentation I'm hoping to add a necklace to the range.  I've also been working on several wholesale orders, including a sample of a badge for a rock band to celebrate the launch of their next album. I hope they like the sample! (the first got lost in the post).

I have a new stockist! More in the next blog...

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be working on new display ideas for Saltaire Arts Trail and The Knitting and Stitching Show but they must be strictly cheap DIY. Ideas welcome...


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