Wednesday, 2 December 2009

'Me' time!

Right then, my good illustrating and crafting friend Littleclouds pointed out to me on Twitter today that I'm not blogging so much anymore.  My bad.

I do enjoy blogging about what I am finding and getting up to and stuff, and, I mean, who wants to follow a blog that's all advertising? You wouldn't subscribe to a cold-caller now, would you? (Maybe if you were a total loner... errrr nope).

So let this post be a KitschenSink free zone...

Fun stuff
I went to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Sunday, and had pasta for tea at a restaurant. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs rocked... and Karen O has the most amazing spirit. I think I fancy her a bit.

Photo by Nick Pickles

People have told me in the past week I look as though I have lost weight, so in celebration...

... they are from M&S and orgasmic.  Woops there appears to be some craft sneaking in there (E6000)!

Ho, ho, ho... you wish... but here's something I sent to a friend a week or so ago (she took this photo for Facebook, bless her)...

Anyone who knows my Dad knows he's a bit crackers and nothing has changed. He wants me to make him a pendant. I am thinking 'no'.  My Mum brought me round a bag o' swag yesterday that included an advent calendar, two spanish comics (oooh boderline KitschenSink talk) and three jars of Ragu.  What a woman!

And, whilst I have not been blogging properly, I thought you had all stopped blogging too... so I am now going to attempt to catch up on what everyone else has been doing, starting with Littleclouds :) 


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Littleclouds said...

that is so funny and cute that your mum gave you 3 jars of Ragu !