Friday, 11 December 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I was awarded this by the lovely Maartje, over at Tizzalicious. If you haven't already, you should check her blog out.  She updates it often (some sort of superman, along with doing all her own web stuff, making, selling, posting, having a boyfriend and shopping...) and it's got the perfect mix of finds, promotion and personal.

Anyway, the award has a few rules.

Put the award with message on your Blog.
Little message and link to the one you got it from.
Tell us 7 things about you we didn't know.
Choose 7 other bloggers who you want to give this award,
link to them and let them know you gave them the award!

7 Things about me you didn't know.... well it depends who is reading? And if you have read here before...

1.  I do the craziest things in my sleep. The usual walking and talking, but also texting and even spitting on one occasion. You can read a little more about it in a previous post here
2.  Footballer Lee Sharpe once tried to impress a friend and I on the way home from school. Eugh that's like, ten years ago!!
3.  I absolutely hate McDonalds.  I have only eaten from there once in about five years, and that was because a friend bought me ice cream to cheer me up, and I love him more than I hate them. Bless.
4.  I have three half-brothers and two half-sisters but was brought up and only child. Every Christmas I asked for a baby brother or sister (hold back the spew or silence the violins).
5.  I am addicted to buying dresses.  I had a think about all the dresses I own today, and I am very content with my collection.  Oh and I bought one marked down from £150 to £11.50 the other day.
6.  A friend sends me texts with excerpts from trashy magazines like 'Take a Break'. It makes me laugh til my ribs ache.
7.  I have 37 cousins (on the last count which was 27 January 2007).This does not include their children or even their grandchildren.

 My nominated bloggers are:
Elegant Journey - The Art Blog of Jennifer Katherine
Mamutopia - Cute crafts
Berrysprite - Download her desktop calendar! So cute!
She draws - Draw, glue, glitter, make
Hawaii Kawaii
Midge's Mind - Margaux gave me some very good advice a few days ago. Her work is superb.
Knit and Destroy - Knitted aceness

Have a super weekend. I will be!


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