Sunday, 29 November 2009

University of Leeds Fair-Trade Winter Fair 2009

Tuesday's Fair-Trade Winter Fair at the University of Leeds was a great success!

I met lots of lovely stall holders, and spent some of my earnings, as always. I must recommend Shea Alchemy, handmade body creams and lipbalms and the like made with natural shea butter with no added nasties.  For stocking fillers, see this page. I bought a lip balm and it's rather awesome!

I bought a rather fantastic mirror for my stall a few days before - what do you think (at the back in the centre)? I think it suits my other display gear rather well.  I also used some of the recent photos taken by Hayley Kidd which worked well.

Could still do with some busts for neclaces and some sloping thingies. Oh well. The jewels do their own talking for now!



Pippa said...

The stall looks great and that heart mirror looks sooo KitschenSink. Brilliant! There are loads of mannequins on ebay, I'm sure you could find a bust there too. That would look cool. Love the comic fabric too!
I've got my first stall at a Christmas Market this Saturday - exciting! Any tips?

Unknown said...


You will have to talk lots so make sure you have a bottle of water!