Saturday, 12 December 2009

Market round-up :D

In short: I am very pleased with myself!!  Not takne any photos of my stall as now it tends to look the same each time. Makes it so much quicker setting up!

KitschenSink tip: when your stall is set up and how you like it, take a photo on your phone. For every event after, you can just refer to that!

Friday 11th December - University of Leeds Student's Union Christmas Fair

Chivalry is NOT dead. All my stuff packs into a small case (one that drags. It's really noisy actually. So sorry to everyone who lives in my complex!) and a big shopper bag. I can dilly dally a bit. On Friday three different people offered to help with my bags! I'm a big girl though. I declined.

It was the second year they've run this. They have proper reindeer outside and a snow machine. It's sweet.  Anyway this year it was held in a hall (rather than outside).

It started with people walking past, looking, but about 3 feet away. Like, if they came any closer I might try and give them the hard sell, double-glazing style.  Then I got 'hmmm that's weird' comments... then someone asking 'why are you selling a photo of a girl'.  That's right. A students at a top university.  This type of activity lasted most of the day, and I hard a feeling I was going to go away having sold nothing.

Then I had a returning customer from when I sold last month in one of the other buildings, who came to see me (well KitschenSink, I don't know them personally) specifically. Loved that.

It all went crazy at 3.05 as I was packing up... one person (girl A) asked 'oh you're packing up, can I still buy something' O_o  Erm! Yes! She picked a necklace and rushed to the cash point, at which point another girl (girl B) says 'Oh, I wanted to buy that', so she picked something smaller and went to the cash point.  Girl A returned, and changed her mind about what she wanted to buy, and also bought a pair of earrings.  Girl B returned and saw the necklace she originally wanted, and got that one (more spends!) and her pal bought a locket. So all in the space of 10 minutes, I had sold some of my most expensive items and up-sold even more.

That evening, a couple of friends came to hang out at The Penthouse and one was wearing one of my large heart comic necklaces. I kept staring at it thinking 'I like that necklace'.  Weird.

Saturday 12th December - 100% Handmade, the Green Sand Foundry, Leeds

I was looking forward to this very much. Upon arrival I was a bit disheartened, there were only 8 stalls! I was expecting something much bigger... and it made me think about that awful fair I did at Ripley.


There was a steady stream of customers. I had comments along the lines of 'amazing', 'fantastic' and such. It warmed my cockles (something had to, the place was freezing!).  A couple of customers mentioned that they had seen KitschenSink before, which is really cool! Glad I'm making an impression!  I also had a visit form friends and little G, who is taken by the Tooth Rot rings. She can have one when she's older (she's 15 months) :)

I sold out of large comic hearts!! The cameos went down a storm too.

I enjoyed today so much, I booked another on the spot for March, which will be in Ilkley. More on that nearer the time!

Remainder of the weekend will be spent with BFFs and scrubbing my flat down.  It's got a bit out of hand the last couple of weeks whilst I have been busy!

Right now I am celebrating success with a brew and an M&S cupcake. Yes!



Pippa said...

Woohoo! Sounds brilliant!

mamutopia said...

Sounds like you did a great job, congrats! :D

Anonymous said...

Well done! I'm enjoying the back end of the year with no more fairs too :) Though I do like doing them. The weirdest thing is when people come up to you saying they've seen your website- before they've seen your stall!

Littleclouds said...

I think its good that you love your own jewelry! If you don't love it, who will right?

great tip about the photo thing btw!