Wednesday, 3 June 2009

May Round-up

Being late seems to be becoming the norm on this. I have a life, OK?!

Super social events (in no particular order):
1. Rhea & Chris' Wedding
2. Day out in Otley
3. Jemma's raclette evening
4. Impromptu night out in Bradford
5. Night out in Leeds
6. Barbeque at Jemma's

Movies I watched:
1. Five episodes of Sky+'d LOST
2. Sliding Doors
3. I attempted to watch Amelie but got annoyed when only the first half of each sentence came up in subtitles!

Disappointment of the month: Otley. I had hoped it might be a chic cosmopolitan drinking area full of fine gentlemen. It was none of those things.
Crafting highlight of the month: Finding a source of pink Lego!
Most annoying thing: Postmen. The end.

I'm pleased with myself because: I managed to get hold of a gorgeous dress that was discontinued.

Focus for next month:
1. Approach another bricks and mortar to sell my work (carried forward)
2. Get my own website and other stores up to date (inc opening a DaWanda)
3. Consider and plan a giveaway for the launch of the KitschenSink website

Focus of last month & were the goals met?:
1. Get more 3D stall ideas together and bought/made - had anchor and cherries stands specially made AND I got hold of an awesome fabric for a table cover (more on that another time)
2. Complete the cameos into necklaces/brooches - Done
3. Complete the lockets into necklaces - Done
4. Approach another bricks and mortar to sell my work - nope, been working towards Artsmix, this Sunday.
5. Have my hair cut and colour it! - done, although the colour is fading a little

The weather has been gorgeous the last few days... let's hope for more sunshine!


Katie K said...

Wow impressive you should be super proud!! I need to do this...good way to stay on track!

bex said...

i wish my list was more like yours....with more done things on it!