Friday, 5 June 2009

Folksy Finds Friday - The Linen Cat

I saw the cats on the front page of Folksy and thought they were really cute and kinda eerie, just how I like it. Think it's the small eyes. The Linen Cat makes various items from natural fabrics, but here's my favourite!

Green Bunny Lavender Bag

 Linen Mouse Egg Cosy

I'd be well impressed if someone made me a boiled egg and it came dressed as a mouse. Actually, I'd be well impressed if someone made me a boiled egg.

Have a great weekend!


bex said...

ohh i follow her blog and the bits she makes are amasing

kate b. said...

what an adorable cat!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i just saw this post and wanted to say thanks for featuring the linen cat, i'm well chuffed. your egg comment made me laugh (I get breakfast in bed once a year, on my birthday, if i'm lucky!) and i'm glad you like the linen boy cat. the boys always remind me of yorkshire (i'm from the dales) i think it's the tweed trousers...not sure why, i don't know anyone back home who wears tweed, a flat cap or owns a whippet!