Friday, 12 June 2009

Think of a happy thought...

I am in a bouncy good mood today.  This weekend I hope to paint some pictures... we'll see how that goes. I'm feeling super creative (on a personal note: this does tend to happen when I'm single... ya get me? Frustration?!).  I have an idea and if I can do it then it will be super cool! If it goes well this weekend, I'll blog on Sunday with a peek for you.

I made these lockets last year and sold them at the University of Leeds Fair Trade Fair, they sold out in the morning, and a few people came back in the afternoon disappointed that they'd sold.  I have been trying to get hold of some more of the decals... and finally, I have found some.  I'm looking forward to making more, similar lockets, and have an order placed for one already!

I'm still updating KitschenSink @ Folksy. Head on over. A 'Marjorie Loves... Kitsch Cameo Necklace' sold within an hour of it being listed!

Also new on Folksy: ThE NoToRiOuS, tHe LeGeNd NeCkLaCe
♥ I was never the girl next door ♥ Ms Bettie Page.  
A pin-up photo is embedded into this handmade bubble heart pendant. Perfect for Bettie wannabes and burlesque beauties. Looks delicious with or without your clothes on. Strung on an 16" or 18" silver-plated snake chain. Pendant is handmade in waterclear resin. 

What happy thoughts do you have this weekend?

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bex said...

my happy thought for the weekend is that i have a dayy off on that cheating?...if it is my other happy thought is that my boyfriends mum and baby sister are coming for a visit...bearing birthday presents for moi!