Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Quit the day job?? I wish...

To quote the most intelligent and inspiring fictional character of all time, Mr Willy Wonka: 'We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream'. Of course someone else said it before him but who cares?

No, I love my job in the sense that the money is fair, good even (although we'll always want more), the place is great, and everyone is really professional and nice. No complaints in that respect.

I just got addicted to these blogs about people who did a 9 to 5 then left them to work from home making stuff. Wiggity wack - sounds like, totally awesome! Etsy have strand called 'Quit your day job', and Indie Quarter have a section titled 'A day in the life of...'. I find the idea of working in my pyjamas quite exhilerating, and meeting friends for a coffee mid-morning a far-off fantasy. All my friends who work from home actually WORK as far as I am aware. Although I could probably persuade Jen to meet me for chinese food for lunch.

Quick touch down: here is a fruit of labour that is starting to come together. I tried out mixing acrylic with resin to colour it. It's not a bad effort. This is also what is setting on my window bottom. Layer number one. After Team Tea and Biscuit I'll add a coloured layer and upload tomorrow the outcome if I get chance.

Peace out x (This is purely silliness I don't actually say this in real life. Unless I am attempting to make someone laugh).

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Gracie said...

Hehe I would love to be at home doing my thing =)

The little hearts look sweet. I wish I could make resin jewellery and the like.

Oh and thanks for coming by the blog!