Sunday, 10 August 2008

Holidays are coming... Holidays are coming...

Although, I should point out that I stopped drinking Coca-Cola and it's other brand products some time ago.

Just noting that I am trying to plan for the Christmas (and other holidays, I won't get personal on this...) rush. You know about my plans for CND Fair Nov 15th, Victoria Hall Saltaire... I am also seriously considering a stall at Leeds Artsmix... I have one in September too. Possibly even one in York. We'll see. I'll go anywhere to be honest.

It's not just about getting the products ready, although that is obviously a massive part. I need to get everything else ready in time to in order to generate some repeat custom. I never realised how much work this entailed, although it is exciting.

I need to make up some funky branded packaging for use at the stalls. On top of this, I need to come up with funky branded mailers and thank you notes. Funky branded business cards. Funky branded cards for folks to fill in for mailing lists. Some signage.

Also I need to sort out my etsy shop some more. I got the descriptions about right now I think, it's the photography I need to work on. I never realised this is part of the branding process too... I have a few ideas and I'll probably have a play around this evening after I have washed my hair.

I can't tell you what I love at the moment becuase I have been too busy to think about that.

I'm going to try out some Etsy Mini now - watch this space (the space to the right, if you see my items, I did it!)

Until tomorrow. Or another day. Au revoir x

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