Monday, 18 August 2008

I am sew ready for my annual leave

I haven't taken much this year as I'm not going anywhere (credit crunching) and I have to take it before October. Now I'm on burnt out. Sore mouth, twitchy eye. Fortunately no spots yet but I guess it's just a matter of time... fingers crossed though.

I'm taking next week off work and going to London (not to buy a HEAT magazine) for fun times over bank holiday. We haven't made any plans as yet, and me and my pal are into quite different things... I saw quite a neat idea at DIY City Blog... if our Nats has no plans I may take her on the full walk but if not, perhaps just skip to the OXO bit or something.

FLASHBACK - OXO was the first word I ever learnt to spell and my Dad's best friend pretended he was writing a shopping list and forgot how to spell it.

I think I might do a free trial of LoveFilm or something over that week and watch as I make, sew, stick....

Final note... a craft I wasn't too fussed about till I saw these beauties... cross stitch

Check out the rest of the homeware gorgeousness here

Bbfn o_O

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Sara Millis said...

Enjoy your day out... I hope to have a few more ideas for days out soon.
Sara x