Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Got the whole world in her handbag

Firstly just want to tell you what gets my goat lately. I'm using etsy, it's like, the coolest place I ever came across (ok I need to get out more maybe), and I was so excited about opening the shop. I ask people want they think. After the 'nice work...' etc, I get 'Why is it all in dollars'. I just thought thesedays people would be used to shopping on ebay and whatnot. Clearly not, and I am finding it somewhat concerning. So here's to hoping Etsy sort it soon, they have a large Australian and UKan customer base so there is no reason not to.

Anyway. I had my craft on this week and have put these lovely together for the Staff Festival (that's 8000 staff, people!)

Firstly, Lego bits which always sell well. The cufflinks sell well at work particularly. I think men want to jazz up their very boring suits.

Number two is the sickliest sweet earrings. I love those ear hoops, they're a personal favourite.

Three is the cutest measuring tape bracelets. Cute eh?

And finally, the piece de resistance, the all new comic purse. It looks loads better and what's more, it has withstood being carried around in my enormous handbag, contents of which is everything but the KitschenSink. Sorry. On that note... it is... all hand sewn btw. Sorry it's on a black background...

ttfn <3>

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