Saturday, 3 March 2012

Weekend project: Frame restoration

I had an urge to do-up some big frames. Off I went to the charity shops today - and I picked up a bargain!

Just a tenner! I know if I'd have gone to Saltaire to look in their vintage shops I'd have been expected to pay in excess of £30 for something like this!

I decided to go for bright, bold colours.  The paint I have used is super glossy.

I also started on the big old frame I used as my shop sign last year

Can't wait til they're completely finished - these are for my stall but I want to do loads for my home too, they'd be perfect!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...


out of the frame said...

They'll look great. I've seen some on Etsy where instead of a picture there's a blackboard. That looks great with a brightly painted frame.

hlimbrick said...

Yay I love brightly painted frames! I painted some white and then painted the glass with blackboard paint which was super fun but I'd like some bright ones to put up in my craft room :)