Monday, 19 March 2012

NEW COLLECTION: Lovely Jubilee!

To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year, I have designed three limited edition pieces available as brooches and necklaces, inspired by her ladiship's blingin' crown jewels.  Perfect for kitsch queens, proud to be British princesses and design-loving duchesses! Some gold sparkle, some jewelly translucent royal blue lucite and regal red - who would want the Queen's crown jewels?!

Those who hold the Kitschen Sink Orb hold the honorary title "Defender of Kitsch"!

 Become a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Kitschen Sink Empire!!

 Crown yourself "Queen of Kitsch" this Diamond Jubilee 2012!

Rumour has it that the queens have been after something more fun for a while...

If you don't understand my play on words 'Lovely Jubilee', watch this short video :)

These designs are super limited edition - snap one up now!


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