Sunday, 11 March 2012

Reet Sweet and weekend round-up in pictures

I spent yesterday selling at my favourite event Reet Sweet, but in the different location of Sheffield!  I had such a great day - browse in pictures!

"You got to go forward to go back, better press on" [Willy Wonka]

This place has everything!!

A happy lucky dipper!

"Don't be a darn fool, Wonka, that's the way we came in!"
Foxes is underparts (obv!) by The Darnit! Collective
Amazing stitchin' by Born Restless

Laser-cut mixed media by Hello Sunshine

Sunday was spent making jewels to replenish stock bought on Saturday, tidying (found my favourite squirrel brooch by LLROK!) and I also purchased this amazing retro swimsuit I couldn't stop thinking about all week...

This squirrel was hiding under the sofa!
A bargain at £12.99!

What have you been up to all weekend?


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

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Dolly Cool Clare said...

Looks like a great show and big congrats for getting your fab jewels in Selfridges! :)