Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday FUN

Bank holidays are so great!  Most people have time off, so it's a perfect time to catch up with friends. Originally I had plans for the full weekend, but they fell through, so I was worried because I had no other plans! Silly me. I have had such a fun weekend!

Saturday day: Trafford Centre, Manchester

I'm not a massive fan of shopping centres (malls).  I prefer to go to cities where there's a good mix of high street chains and independents. There's little independence in shopping centres, including food on offer.  Anyway. A friend of mine needed her iPhone fixing and it was the nearest place with an Apple Store. So off we popped!

I think it goes without saying that if there's big glasses to try on, you try them on and take a picture looking a bit stupid?

We went to Selfridges and treat ourselves to smoothies from Energy Kitchen.  I am so in love with this 'Green Magic'. It's apple, mango, spinach and pineapple. you can't taste the spinach at all, and it actually tastes like Jolly Rancher sweets! Again, I look a bit stupid (I notice a theme...)

I bought a few nice things. I will show you those another time!  Then we went to eat at Tampopo. I like stupid again.

Tampopo is a small chain of restaurants, and it's very similar to Wagamama. Natalie was desperate for noodles and I do love spicy foods! 

Saturday evening: A birthday at the Sky Lounge, Leeds

I made my Sky Lounge debut on Saturday.  Sky Lounge is a rather exclusive bar on the top floor of a posh hotel in Leeds city centre. The views from there are spectacular.

Sunday: Laying down

Ouch! My head! Always drink mojitos in moderation.

Monday: Spring clean and visiting friends

Today I spent most of the day cleaning my flat. It feels lovely now! I even cleaned the oven.  It was a friends little girl's 3rd birthday yesterday so I went to their house to give her her gift - a Peppa Pig gardening set!

She's got the most awesome playhouse with plant boxes on the windows! So cute! So she promptly went to water them with her new watering can.

It was an extra special time because her little sister took her first steps with a (toy) shopping trolly whilst I was there :')

I'm not at work tomorrow, so I will be mainly doing this! This was a birthday present I got late because a colleague of mine was in labour just before my birthday. Can't wait to try them on after i have sewed them!

So that's it for bank holidays for 2011. What did you do?


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Dolly Cool Clare said...

I call the Trafford centre, the Traffic centre! ha ha! And I have never seen one of those kits before - have fun and don't get your knickers in a twist! (groan)