Sunday, 21 March 2010

What's cooking in the kitschen & weekend round-up

What a pleasant weekend.

On Friday I got an unexpected show of support from Kate P who came to The Penthouse to help me make some boxes for 100% Handmade (she couldn't make Monday).  It's been a great having my pals help with this busy period... so thanks everyone!  Kate P is a creative type who I can certainly rely on for advice on KitschenSink projects. This is what's currently cooking in the Kitschen (as well as lots of vintage comic bubble hearts for stockists!). They are the result of my charity shop scavenge with her a few weeks ago.

I wasn't too sure how to finish them off... hanging them on a chain just wasn't enough. I've got a few ideas now so watch this space...! What do you think? Thundercats, Ho!

100% Handmade on Saturday was a lovely day. I finally got to meet the folks behand the Marvelous Tea Dance Company and also Tracy of Ruby Spirit Designs, amongst other lovely folks.

I encountered the second soap star in a week at 100% Handmade. It was Steve Huison and he had his trademark long ginger locks tucked into a beanie hat, disguised like an A-lister. But I knew who it was all along... gosh... just did a little research on him and he does some fab art... check it. If you don't know him from Corrie as Eddie Windass you should know him as the suicidal stripper off the Full Monty.

Saturday evening... went to see Crazy Heart. Not heard of it before but it was OK. About a loser (male) who meets a woman and he pulls himself together for the sake of her... I won't go on in case you want to see it...

Right, must get on with the to do list... then go watch a couple of LOST episodes... then see a man about a dog...


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Apryl said...

awesome.. loved the Thundercats when I was a kid.