Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Adult applique please?

Before I start, I need you to know just how hard this post was to research.  I mean, I am going to sound really harsh now, but looking through some of the applique stuff for grown ups made me want to be sick.  They fall into a couple of categories - 'shabby chic' style, which I think has had it's day (or at least stick to homewares for the genre), or circles layered onto each other to represent flowers or trees. Come on. Who's going to wear that? I saw some designs that had the right idea but were just terribly made. So if anyone's looking for a gap in the market...

I digress.  I have managed to find three cool things, I think you'll agree, from some awesome independent designers. Lusting!

And... gosh gosh, love, Love, LOVE this!

In fact all of With Love From Hetty and Dave's goodies are great grown-up appliqued leather. I want lots. Saw them in the flesh at Spitalfields Market last week and they really are awesome. I feel a spend coming on...


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Tizzalicious said...

I love love love the wallet and hairband. *wants*