Sunday, 11 October 2009

Desginers' Marketplace Round-up - Saturday 3rd October

Saturday 3rd October saw the first Designers' Marketplace in Leeds, held at The Loft.

There were some seriously cool designers there, and exactly what I have been looking to sell at since I heard about similar cool markets in the USA.  I wish it could runin Leeds every month. Here's a handful of sellers there... all KitschenSink approved!

Louise Taylor Originals (Mixed media jewellery)
Ella Kirk (Surface pattern designer)

I bought myself a sexy bow from Bowes Vintage... when I debut it I'll blog it.

Apologies, again, for the lack of blogging. Sometimes my world is so hectic there just ain't the time.

Hearts xoxo


Anonymous said...

Ooh Knit and Destroy. Candi is the loveliest person ever isn't she? I was next to her at Craft Candy and her boyfriend helped me carry my stuff back to my car. I have to buy one of her fox scarves.

Unknown said...

She is. She let me have a 'I heart Craft' badge, FOC. Lovely :)