Saturday, 4 July 2009

University of Leeds Staff Festival 2009

What a super afternoon.  Yesterday was the University of Leeds Staff Festival and KitschenSink held a stall.

It's difficult to tell what would be the best sellers, but on this occasion, girls went crazy for BuTtOn PoP eLeCtRiC bobby pins, especially in pink and purple! More of these will be added soon!

There's only one LoCkEt fUeL fOr CrYsTaL GaZeR left, and I have had many requests in for Alice in Wonderland themed lockets, so guess what my summer will be spent making?

Next up on KitschenSink's real life locations is Saltaire Maker's Fair/Saltaire Arts Trail on September 11th/12th.

I'm going to make a big supply order now in preparation for making lots of cool things.

Have a super weekend,


Kitschy Coo said...

Glad you had such a successful fair!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hey! Glad it all went well last Friday. I couldn't make it - the ONE Friday I couldn't do they chose for the Fest, so couldn't come and say 'hi' or do my own stall as I'd hoped. Sigh... Still, who knows for the Fest 2011 as I won't be in the UK next year.
BW, E=)