Monday, 11 May 2009

What's cooking in the Kitschen? (formally known as the sneaky peek)

I have been slaving away making lots and lots of things for upcoming fairs and what-not. Well, slaving away should be a term used loosely, I have actually been really sociable too, I guess I have managed my time quite well.

So, here's a couple of visuals to wet your appetite before the fairs (next up, The Loft Leeds for Artsmix* Specialist Jewellery Showcase, Sunday 7th June). Some of the cameos I cast and the lockets I have made have been strung with contrasting beads onto wire. I was going to get some vintage bead chain, but it's quite pricey... and I thought, why the heck... I could make my own in whatever flippin colours I like! The remainder of the necklace will have some chain, I just haven't bothered to buy any yet decided what I like best yet.

I have also managed (well, a friend has) to get the bangle out of my mould, so I can continue to experiment making comic bangles! Yippeeeee



Rebecca said...

Oh they're gorgeous - I love the chains too.

Littleclouds said...

I agree with Purple Sparkle they do look great, your getting pretty pro at this resin stuff eh eh eh!

Good luck with the show, remember to take lots of photos !

Julia said...

Love Love Love them!!