Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Happy bits

I put on my personal Facebook status today 'Rowan is happy about a number of things today', and have been questioned by a few about what these might be.  Well, stuff's just going right :)

I had some display gear designed and made specially for me for my markets, and I picked them up today.  They are so cool. I'll take some photos and do a seperate blog about them another day.  But here's a clue for one.

I have been yearning for prom dresses of a spotty nature for some time and saw this beauty on Eastenders a couple of weeks ago.  After my colleague did a little stalking we found a supplier (Dollydagger). They didn't have any left so I made a stock enquiry and the fabric was discontinued. After a couple of days they sent me an email saying that they managed to get some fabric and are making a limited run, so I snapped one up and it's being made as we blog. It should be home in time for my birthday!  On this photo, the wardrobe department have altered it a little and let alot of the hitching/rouching down, it actually sits a fair bit shorter, see here. I am very excited! And Dollydagger's customer service is second to none. they come highly recommended.

Another spotty dress related story - I loved this dress ever since a friend tried it on (she decided not to buy it as it showed too much boob, but that's to something I am too fussed about. In fact, the more boob, the better!). It was in Miss Selfridge about a year ago, and I recently saw it on ebay. The girl did say she smoked and it might smell a bit, my my God, it arrived and was yellow with nicotine. She said it hadn't been worn so heaven knows what was going on with it.  It said dry clean only on the label but I took a chance and put it on a handwash cycle with no soap. It's come out good as new. Yippeee. Can't wait to wear it!

I just made an order for some Lego and thought it was going to take about three weeks to arrive, but I had an email this morning to say it had been dispatched!  This Lego marks the start of the new Boysies range, In case you hadn't guessed, it's going to be aimed at blokes.  I'm starting with new colours in cufflinks ready for Father's Day and selling at Artsmix... and will also branch into little stud earrings and some bracelets (hmm do boysies say 'bracelets'?). So, yeah. I'm looking forward to getting cracking on that.

There's more reasons but this'll do for now. Don't want you throwing up on your shoes.

What are you happy about today?


mamutopia said...

yay, what a happy post! :)

and your dresses are both so cute!

bex said...

today i am happy that i have a shop of my own!! or will have by the start for july!!

Jonny said...

I'm happy that you've got your lego so that I can get my wedding cufflinks sorted :)

Tizzalicious said...

Oh how exciting about the dress! Lucky! And it looks awesome!

Katie K said...

yay i love dresses summer makes me want dresses too, love those congrats on snagging them!!!