Saturday, 23 May 2009

New display gear and a piercing cowboy...

First things first. Yesterday the ball fell of my lip stud. It was my own fault, the day before I had got a new star shaped stud in the post and had a go at fitting it myself. It didn't work out, so I put the old one back in. I mustn't have screwed it on properly and I looked in the mirror in the toilet at work and I just had a little screw bit sticking out. Boo. So I was aware of a couple of piercers in Leeds on Call Lane, and decided to go in the one that didn't look like a weird S&M dungeon.

I explained that the bar I presented to her had fallen out and I needed a shorter one anyway. Make sense? She was most confused. I thought she was off her tits and realised it wouldn't be her doing it so I was OK with that. I got called into the piercing room. Sh*t the bed, it was Rab C Nesbitt stood by an old dentist like bed and light. What a hell hole. I was too scared to leave and stayed calm in the knowledge I wasn't actually being pierced, just having a new jewel put in. He couldn't get the angle right and then he got this massive needle out. It hurt... I left and thought I was going to pass out, nuff said. I just hope that needle was clean. Don't tell my mum. Thanks.

Anyway, onto a more positive note. Here's some display gear for the upcoming markets I had specially made. Cool eh?!

I am having a think about other cool shapes I can have made.... ideas always welcome!



Katie K said...

love both of those shapes!!!! awesome idea!!! that dentist photo=scary!!!

Littleclouds said...

Coool, good idea and way to have your jewellery displayed!

kate b. said...

oh my goodness, those are so wonderful!!!!! love love love them